Lula: The Sexy Empire Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro Menu
(Part 1) Desert Town
(Part 1) Motel
(Part 1) Bar
(Part 2) Main Office
(Part 2) City
(Part 2) Advertising Dept
(Part 2) Building Map
(Part 3) Realtor
(Part 3) Home Improvements
(Part 3) Map of the Country
Party plan
Busy man
This is early in the game at night time. The biker gang hangs out in the typical small American town and they are for hire.
These are the services the biker gang can offer
While working as a stripper in the bar Lula meets some of the bar's patrons and can be especially nice to them if they earn enough.
After Lula has been friendly with a guy in the bar the player moves in and demands cash. It's enterprises like this that raise the capital to progress in the game.