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Game Shark (May 27, 2011)
It’s unclear whether there will be more to Lume later (as the closing credits hint at a continuation of the story and a possible “part two”), but I’ll be first in line if there is. This is a very light, charming little game that deserves an hour or two of your time. Just be sure to have a walkthrough ready for when you get to the crazy combination lock puzzle.
80 (Jun 04, 2011)
Lume is a refreshingly different type of puzzle game with a fascinating approach to creating its environment. Its a shame that its short length and extremely steep difficulty curve let it down.
Indie Game Magazine (Aug 01, 2011)
Considering how short the game is, it is understandable that there is no hint system. This could be an acknowledgement that allowing players to essentially bypass the couple of puzzles that prove difficult will end the game rather quickly. Lume is certainly a fun and charming title. There is a good variety in the style and difficulty of puzzles. Unfortunately, the short play time of the title leaves the player wanting more. More could have been done with Part One but it will be interesting to see where State of Play Games takes the adventure from here.
70 (UK) (May 13, 2011)
As the first chapter in an ongoing series this is a promising start, but one that will sink or swim on the quality of its puzzles. If State Of Play can balance things up there, this quiet optimism could break out into something altogether noisier.
60 (May 17, 2011)
Lume est un petit point & clic en flash qui brille surtout par sa direction artistique, avec des décors faits main et filmés, pour ensuite y incruster les personnages. Ce premier chapitre est simple : le grand-père de Lumi n'a plus de courant chez lui, il faut le rétablir. C'est très mignon, mais hélas quelques puzzles dépassent la limite de l'absurde. Petits soucis d'équilibrage, donc. Au final, ça se joue, mais Lume reste tout de même assez cher : 7 euros pour 3h max de jeu.
50 (Jan 27, 2012)
Difficile de faire abstraction de la durée de vie très mince du titre quand il s'agit de donner une note globale. On rappellera donc que ce premier épisode dispose de graphismes originaux, et d'une histoire charmante. Ce qui n'empêchera pas les joueurs de pester contre certaines énigmes tout en attendant avec impatience un hypothétique second volet.