Lylian: Episode one - Paranoid Friendship Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Bob, in the introduction movie
Lylian is startled when someone enters her cell.
Recalling her past
Finally, freed, now what?
Lylian is very hungry now.
This one has doughnuts!
A large monster appears, but is it real?
The nurses try to drag you back.
Fortunately Bob is still around.
Bob can enter vents for you to open doors.
I can't pass through the infirmary, there is a poisonous cloud.
Lilian drops down to the lower parts of the hospital.
Some clues are provided through comic books.
But they are horribly twisted.
Lylian enters another reality for the first time.
This is the dark entity who freed you.
This man plays music that draws rats.
I released Bob, but he is of no use here.
Chased by another worm
Outside, fighting other patients
This one has dropped some doughnuts. They restore health.
Back to the alternate reality, but there is no one here.
Chased by patients
Executing Bob's mass attack
Running through an abandoned area of the hospital.
It's a birthday party!
This is what the party looks like on another plane.
Another comic book
The nurses don't give up.
This is what the environment looks like after using the second Brain Spew.
I'm trapped.
A very large nurse appears.
So she has some imagination of her own.
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