M1 Tank Platoon II Credits


ProducerScott Spanburg
Game DesignerTim Goodlett
ProgrammingScott Spanburg, Brian Whooley
Additional ProgrammingDavid McKibbin, Ned Way
Lead ArtistMichael R. Bates
ArtistsMatthew Bell, Eric Ehoff, Joseph Morel, Bill Podurgiel, Michael Reis
Multimedia AnimationRob Cloutier
Box ArtMichael R. Bates, Rob Cloutier
SoundMark Cromer, Mark Reis, Roland J. Rizzo
MusicRoland J. Rizzo
GuitarMark Cromer
Quality Assurance LeadMichael Dubose, Steven Purdie
Quality Assurance TestersPaul Ambrose, Kevin Bane, Timothy Beggs, Eleanor Crawley, Mark Gutknecht, Jason Lego, Timothy McCracken, John Allan Ross, Michael Seal
Quality Assurance ManagerTom Falzone
Quality Assurance DirectorRay Boylan
Manual WritingEd Dille, Tim Goodlett, Brian Workman
Manual IllustrationsTim Goodlett
Marketing / PRTom Nichols
Creative Services (US)Kathryn Lynch, Rick Rasay, Reiko Yamamoto
European Product ManagerAdrian Turner
Creative Services (UK)Alkis Alkiviades, Matthew Carter-Johnson, Amanda Colliss, David Seal
Special Thanks To (all people mentioned are US military personal, with Mr. Atwater being (most likely) a civil employee)William F. Atwater, Scott Barnett, J. Benton, Michael Best, Stanley Bilecky, Mark Blackmon, William Dunbar, Eric Massig, Mark Poole, Jeffrey Pratt, Herman Swift

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69437) and NGC 5194 (17599)