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Just Adventure (Apr 19, 2012)
So in the end I give this game an A, simply because it is very addictive and fun to play. I am going back to my artifact-hunting now, and pray that they will make a sequel for this incredible game. I hope it will come with more shapeshifting features and unique puzzles too.
MMGN (Apr 19, 2012)
MacGuffin's Curse is a testament to the powerhouse that is Australian indie development. A near perfect experience that demands your attention, this should definitely be on your radar. A fantastic story which is fleshed out the more you explore will keep players hooked for hours, not to mention the top notch audio and visual presentation. If you want to spend the best $5 of your life, go to Steam and buy MacGuffin's Curse without delay.
Tortures your mind while tickling your funnybone.
GameZebo (Apr 19, 2012)
MacGuffin's Curse is a great, meaty puzzler that will really get your brain cogs whirring. With so much content, the formula was bound to feel a little samey eventually, but by the time that feeling sets in you’ll have more than gotten your money’s worth.
Adventure Gamers (Apr 23, 2012)
Even with its decent production values and intriguing storyline, ultimately the decision about this game comes back to the one question that needs to be answered: Do you like crate puzzles? I do, and I had a perfectly pleasant time with MacGuffin's Curse. I suspect you might too.
IGN (May 03, 2012)
As far as puzzle games go, MacGuffin's Curse is certainly challenging enough, but does rely heavily on a couple of core mechanics to the point that it feels repetitive after a while. On the plus side, all the “flavor” stuff thrown in -- story, characters, mini-games, etc. -- goes a long way to keeping you interested in seeing what happens next. It's a lengthy game, but it's best played in short bursts – trying to persevere through level after level in one sitting will leave you sick and tired in short order.