Madden NFL 2004 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The All Time Records screen, where you can view NFL records.
The Super Bowl History screen, where you can view the scores of Super Bowls I-XXXVII.
Team rosters are viewable through the Roster Management screen.
Viewing the Titans' 2003-04 season roster in the Player Management screen, where players can be edited.
Creating a player
Starting a new Franchise Mode.
It's the first week of the season in Franchise Mode.
The Training Camp mode, where you can play drills that test several offensive, defensive, and special teams skills.
The rushing drill in Training Camp on Rookie difficulty.
After winning a bronze trophy, Stephen Davis of the Carolina Panthers bows in celebration.
Practice mode
Selecting teams for an exhibition game
The weather in Nashville is nice today, with moderate wind and 56 degree temperatures.
Texans players during pre-game warmups.
Steve McNair and Billy Volek practice throwing before the game.
Derrick Mason practices route-running.
The coin toss.
Tennessee has won the coin toss, electing to recieve. Kris Brown is now ready for the opening kickoff.
Play selection
After a first-down pass falls incomplete, the Titans go out on offense for second down.
Steve McNair is sacked and it is fourth down.
A replay of the Steve McNair sack.
The Titans are forced to punt.