Mafia Contract Killer: Antikiller Trivia (Windows)

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German version

There are a number of changes in the German version:
  • In the original version, there is a second soundtrack with metal music. This one was removed.
  • Eleven cutscenes (live-action footage taken from the movie) were removed, ten remain.
  • Blood effects were removed.
  • Killed enemies disappear almost instantly.
  • Random insults by enemies were removed.
  • The mission descriptions between levels were changed during the translation to sound more harmless.
  • All level statistics except the time (accuracy, headshots and killed enemies) were removed.
  • In some parts the player needs to kill a certain amount of enemies to proceed. In the German version this was replaced by a survival timer.
  • There are some changes in the levels: in level one a "kill all enemies" sequence was removed, in level four the boss was removed, in level seven the player has to find and deposit a bomb (this bomb is not present at all in the original version) and in level eight the amount of dogs to kill was lowered.
A detailed list of changes can be found on (German).

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