Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Excellent game, its got it all.

The Good

Okay, I just started playing this game, but I already got my review.

First of all, the graphics are unquestionably amazing. The characters look finely drawn, and use of colours and textures are great. The cut scenes make you want to stay and watch, their more like a tv show than a video game cinematic. I found that the voice acting was very good. The characters look, well, like the mafia.

The sound was great. Once again, the voice acting was amazing, but what was also great were the sound effects. All the sounds were realistic and great.

The loading time was nothing. I played some games like Freedom Force where you just keep waiting for the loading time, but this game was a breeze on my PC. It was very quick, and there were almost no, no, NO slowdowns at all. Even when there was tons of action on screen, it kept the regular speed.

The folks at Illusion also managed another great aspect, there are many types ofplay. You can drive in a car around the city, shoot people in a Max Payne type style, or race in a track(I HATED THAT). Nevertheless, it was amazing to be able to do so much.

The control layout was good too, using the mouse and keyboard and creating shortcuts on the keyboard, whic were easy to remember.

The Bad

Music sucked. There's no question about it. Sure, it created the mood of the game, but I hated it. Couldn't they have gotten a less corny soundtrack?

Once again, that racing part was too hard!

The Bottom Line

Still, Mafia was an unquestionably amazing title that might just be what everyone had been looking for-until now. I give Mafia a very well earned 5 / 5 .