Mafia (Windows)

Mafia Screenshots

Windows version

This car just crashed. Wonder if they're okay.
Smoking a cigarette, waiting for my "reward" from the gangsters I helped.
Waiting for the draw bridge to go down. Too bad my car's not powerful enough to jump it.
Due to low powered cars in the '30s, going up hills can be a chore. Just look at my speed!
I thought I saw a cop at the corner. Damn speeding ticket.
Taking a short cut through an alley to escape a rival gang.
I got attacked on my coffee break! Damn them!
Looks like Salierie's men took care of the those gangsters.
My first mission for the Don; destroy some cars.
Tunnels can be dangerous, as they're cramped and dark.
Smashie smashie!
The Don seemed to be happy with my ability to destroy cars.
Quite a nice office, and one I'll probably be visiting often.
Vincenzo is the gun man; I can get anything I need from him.
Ralphie deals with cars, legal and otherwise.
Until Ralphie shows you how to pick a lock, you're restricted to certain vehicles.
In the car showroom, you can get a detailed and close-up look at all the cars in the game, as well as statistics.
You can create different profiles, so keeping track of several games is easy.
Cars can run out of gas, so it's a good idea to fill up every now and then. It's free!
There goes Paulie to collect some protection money.
Well, that collection didn't go smoothly. It turned into a shootout, leaving Paulie and Sam injured, and me to fight.
In order to win the race, I must steal the rival's car and have a mechanic remove some parts.
Looks like a crowd has gathered around this jumper.
Game over; I've been arrested. I only killed four people, too! Geez!
Shootout in a car park
Quietly killing a enemy from behind
Shootout at the airport
After shooting a cop you'll be wanted everywhere in town
Trashing a enemy's car
That was close!
A cutscene from the brothel level
The map will help you to find your destination
The race level. Very hard to beat!
Silver Fletcher driving across a trestle bridge in the countryside, in FreeRide mode
Killed two cops who saw me wandering around with a tommy gun (FreeRide mode)
Headshot - innocent...
Hide in back alley