Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic Credits

The Art of Magic Team

Design LeadMark Hardisty
DesignHal Angseesing, Jon Jansen, Andy Smith, Paul Twynholm, Ceri Stagg
Based on an original design byMythos Games
Story & ScriptPiers Blofeld, Nick Reed
Software (Lead)Hal Angseesing
SoftwareLawrence Binks, Iain Cantlay, Jonathan Green, Alex Hogg, Jon Jansen, Rocco Loscalzo, Andy Sime, Daniel Slaney, Edward Hodd, Ceri Stagg, Yueai Liu
Additional Framework CodingNeil Armstrong
External Software by GamesWorld7Sam Brown, Graeme Baird
Graphics: LeadMark Hardisty
GraphicsCharles Machin, Josh Pickering Pick, Jacqui Wright, Mark Steele, Philip Rowe, Josh Taylor
Graphics: TechnicalSteve Norris
External Graphics byCoyote
Landscape ArtEmma Denson, James Vale, Richard Sinnett, Diane Rodgie
Level DesignMatt Nagy, Kerry Reynolds
Creature SkinningDave Kite, Errol Gale, Pietro Lantrua
Music & Sound DesignJim Croft
AdministrationWendy Chambers
Executive ProducerMathew Sansam
ProducerAndy Smith
Assistant ProducerSteve Norris
The Art of Magic BabiesThomas Glynn Angseeing, Eve Rene Jansen, Gabriella Angelina Loscalzo, Haydon Paul Whipp

Published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Executive ProducerPaul Whipp
UK Product & PR ManagerJohn Brooke
Marketing Manager (Germany)Christina Binsmaier
New Media ManagerDaniel Taylor
Marketing ServicesCaroline Bruce-Brown
Packaging DesignMick Lowe
Product Manager (Germany)Tahsin Avci
PR Manager (Germany)Mike Hesse
Product Manager (Spain)Ana LaFuente
Marketing Manager (France)Philippe Côté
Product Manager (France)Sébastien Pensivy
European Localisation ManagerHarald Simon
Lead TesterSteven Frazer
TestersTim Wileman, Roy Gay, Carlos Gesto, Drew Waldegrave


US Publisher - Bethesda SoftworksPete Hines, Todd Vaughn
Cover IllustrationGreg Staples
Special Thanks ToClive Gorman, Richard Huddy, Mike Drummelsmith, Kenneth L. Hurley, Haydon Farrar, Joost Schuur

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Credits for this game were contributed by Paul Sinnett (506), -Chris (7565) and steve norris (40)