Magic School Bus Volcano Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro - ready for boarding!
Title screen for the Magic School...Helicopter?
A sample of the outlandish characters you can create.
Inside the Bus, with Miss Frizzle
Putting together a "Fractured Photo".
Create-a-volcano, using different levels of pressure and types of lava flow.
A world map, depicting some of the most well-known volcanoes.
Mount Etna erupts, one of many amazing photos/videos available.
The life-cycle of a volcano, showing magma forcing its way to the surface.
Pillow lava, formed by an undersea eruption.
A thin sheet of volcanic glass with trapped air bubbles.
Outside the bus - many places to click here!
Leaping Lava mini-game; jump from rocks to wreckage to reach safety on the other side.
A seismograph in action
Rub-a-dub-dub Sub minigame - avoid falling lava, tube worms, and...
...giant squid!
You can click "CC" inside the bus to get captioning like this.
Choose plants, houses, and trees to make the volcanic island green again - I seem to have attracted a large rabbit population.
Video showing a volcanic steam vent.
Learning how black sand is formed from cooled lava.
A beautiful shot of Mount Fuji
Miss Frizzle explains how to compare certain aspects of four major volcanoes.
Learning how the sound from Mount St. Helens traveled.
Learnin how the lava flow from Mauna Loa differed from others.