Magic School Bus Whales and Dolphins Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro - the Bus delivers its traditional "Wahoo!".
Title screen
Design your own "photo" on the Crew Pass.
Inside the bus, with an assortment of activities to choose from.
Who has gills: whales, fish, or whales and fish?
Make your own undersea scene with stickers.
Clicking on a dolphin or whale will show you where on the map they are found.
This white-sided dolphin can perform a complete somersault in the air.
Discovering this whale's food preferences - seagulls are evidently a no go.
Showing differences between toothed and baleen whales.
An appropriately themed jigsaw puzzle; clicking on the pieces turns them.
This whale is approximately 18 cats long on the whale scale!
Venturing outside the bus.
Helping this whale return to it's pod safely.
When the whales match, click the camera!
A whale spouts when it exhales after a dive.