Magic: The Gathering Online Credits

Wizards of the Coast

Original Magic Game DesignRichard Garfield
Game Design and DevelopmentBill Rose (lead designer), Randy Buehler Jr. (lead developer), Charlie Onlino, Elaine Chase, Michael Donais, Mike Elliott, Richard Garfield, Robert Gutschera, William Jockusch, Mark Rosewater, Brian Schneider, Henry Stern, Worth Wollpert, Teeuwynn Woodruff, Paul Barclay (contributed), Brady Dommermuth (contributed)
Wizards R&D RepresentaionHenry Stern
EditingMark L. Gottlieb, Del Laugel, Daniel Myers, Bill McQuillan
Art DirectionJeremy Cranford
User Interface DesignBlake Millard, Corey Macourek
Original Magic Graphics DesignJesper Myrfors, Lisa Stevens, Christopher Rush
Magic Online Manual AuthorsLisa McCoy, Daniel Myers
Packaging DesignJason Starling, Wendy Johnson, Stephanie Wetzel, Robert Raper, Brian Dumas
Brand ManagementNathan Sherman (lead), Joe Hauck, Randy Brühl
Project ManagementWendy Wallace
Production ManagementGretchen Tapp
CD‑ROM ProductionFred Royal (lead), Shawn Fiske
Marketing ManagementKyle Murray, Scott Rouse, Elena Moye
Technical SupportJoshua Bentley, David Kidney, Dave McGee, Jason Lowry, Howard Carson

Leaping Lizard Software

Magic Online Game DesignChris Green
ProgrammingChris Green (lead), Sergey Datskovskiy (senior), Gary Skinner (senior), Jon Darby, Jon Young
Project ManagementElaine Albers
ArtDavid Jens (senior), Tom Kemp, Jane Miller (contributed), Mark Bullock (contributed)
Sound and MusicPerceptive Productions, Nick Peck

Hard Boiled Testing

Project ManagerSean Fitzpatrick
Project LeadPhilip Bailey
TestersPaul Bertino, Thomas Chung, Andrew Davies, Jimmy Houng, Everett Kotler, Rod McCullough, Long Nguyen, Tulio Solorzano, Deirdre Wheeler
Thanksto all our project team members and the many others too numerous to mention who have contributed to this product.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8521)