Magicka Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The game is introduced by Vlad. He will appear often in the story.
The dungeon serves as a tutorial. Here the wizard experiments with fire.
Using ice to cross a broken bridge
Shocking a large enemy
I've cooked up a spell to take them out from a distance.
Casting rocks with fire to keep the enemies at arm's length and burn them at the same time.
There are also parts where you can just explore the environment.
Slowing down the monsters with Cold
Keep the spell charged to build up damage
The effect of multiple spells shows. I've put down half a circle of fire and now I'm using a ranged spell.
Overview of the two items you are carrying: a melee weapon and a staff
Fighting on an airship
Clever tactics in progress: I've put down a magic wall and I'm taking them out from the sides.
Fights against other wizards are pure mayhem
The multiplayer game server browser
The arena in the Challenges mode
Tutorial's beginning
... like a stormtroopers
RPG without dialogues isn't RPG

Yep, this is RPG.

No, suicide. :D
Enemy's guts