Written by  :  Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe (1691)
Written on  :  Jan 04, 2002
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THE single worst gaming experience I have EVER had. Period.

The Good

The concept of Majestic, the idea of making a player's real life into a part of the game, is clever. And maybe the game itself is fun, too. It certainly sounds like it might be. Unfortunately, I never got that far.

The Bad

Majestic is anything but. I only got partway through the tutorial explaining the game interface. When I click the icon that's supposed to advance me to the next page, it does nothing. If I close the browser and try to re-enter the tutorial from the Majestic Alliance application, it brings me back to the same page, where I encounter the same problem again. Each time, I have to listen to the moron's speech before I get a chance to click the icon and not be advanced further. If this is part of the reality factor of the game, this should probably be explained, as it isn't any fun at all. If it's not part of the game, someone did one suck-ass job of programming.

EA's technical help for Majestic is the absolute worst support crew I have ever had the extreme misfortune of needing to contact. The online e-mail support promised a response within 24 hours, and I'm still waiting after 40. Calls to the support line are handled by "first-level" techs, which basically means they search the online help for answers that sound like your problem and read them back to you, even if you've told them you already searched the online help yourself. Stimulus, response -- buncha freakin' amoebas working the phones. If they can't read back an answer that satisfies you, they promise to escalate the issue to the "second-level" techs and assure you that within a few hours, you'll get a reply, which then never comes.

I made the mistake of purchasing the commercial "Special Edition" of the game, and can't return it since I've opened the box and set up the account using the CD code number. I guess now that they know they have my money, EA just doesn't care.

The Bottom Line

I have never been so disillusioned by the undelivered promise of a gaming experience as I have with Majestic. That's including John Romero's Daikatana. That's including Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2.

They say everyone's Majestic experience is a little different, so maybe you'll have better luck. Based on mine so far, though, Majestic is a total scam and a complete waste of time. Perhaps someday EA support will actually get off their asses, fix my problem, and get back to me, and I'll get some enjoyment out of the game. But I doubt that my opinion of Majestic will ever fully recover from the first impression.