Majesty: The Northern Expansion Credits


Original ConceptJim DuBois
Lead DesignBart Simon
Lead ProgrammingAdam Saunders
Lead ArtistMatthew Skutnik
ProducerDavid Fifield, Andy Mazurek
Executive ProducerBill Lévay, Joseph Minton
ProgrammingKen Grey, Tom Henderson, Matt Kimmel, Adam Saunders, Jon Scully, Nathan Sitkoff
Graphics / ArtworkMichael Baker, Michael Clarke, Thomas Gale, Bryant Johnson, Scott E. LeBlanc, Seth Spaulding, David Stokes, Sean Wang, David White
DesignJim DuBois, Jesse King
Freestyle DesignDavid Fifield
Music / Sound ProgrammingJack Cameron
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Quality Assurance Manager EuropeAndrew Luckett
Quality Assurance Manager HVTom Falzone
Quality Assurance Manager BVKurt Boutin
Quality AssuranceT. J. Andrzejczyk, Doug Atwell, Darren Bates, Bill Carroll, Barry Caudill, Michael Davidson, Ty Fleet, Grant Frazier, Jason Gleason, Brad Hoppenstein, Randy Lee, Shawn Lund, Rex Martin, Cara McCormick, Timothy McCracken, Steven Purdie, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Salvatore Saccheri, Jeff Smith, Shawn Walbeck
Acting / VoiceoversLisa Abend, Rob Caswell, Keith Field, George Ledoux
DocumentationElizabeth Mackney
Voice ScriptingRob Caswell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Andrew Luckett (114)