Manhunt 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen (in Russian)
Hospital attendants in trouble (in Russian)
Main Menu (in Russian)
Starting the game as Danny Lamb (in Russian)
Some prisoners want to make you unhappy
Some of prisoners want to finish their lives
Encountering the psycho (in Russian)
Some prisoner took the doctor in the distance
White Noise...
One of the executions
Walking to the truck
Try to hide the body in dark place
Level Statistics (in Russian)
Conversing with another prisoner (in Russian)
Hunters are patrolling the perimeter
One of Arcade sequences - Keep point inside the circle
Near the peaceful house
Danny was killed...Game over.
Taking the drugs
Near the entrance to perverted club
Bar is almost empty
Show is not so popular
Starting to perform unique execution
Finishing to perform unique execution
Recently killed bartender is used to open the locked door
Too much girls...Your eyes can't afford this!
Familiar face allows to open locked door
What pervert does like such hardcore?
Policemen have found somebody near porn store
Danny and Leo arrive in the boat
Your friend Michael is surrounded (in Russian)
Shooting another foe
Danny is looking from the corner
In the theater during another porn movie
Flashbacks allow you to remember your identity (in Russian)
This female is scared (in Russian)
Using a sniper rifle
Dr. Pickman secures the place
Watching slides
Dr. Whyte gives you papers on the Project
Danny is burying the wife and fighting with Leo
Danny awakes on silent road