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Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall MobyScore (8 votes) 3.4

The Press Says

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Adventure Lantern
Overall, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up is a greatly entertaining game with a lot of style. The atmosphere draws you in and keeps you immersed throughout the adventure. The storyline starts slowly, but develops into an interesting tale of conspiracy and corruption. The game offers a great deal of unique challenges due to its underlying graffiti theme. The voice-acting is nicely handled and the characters fit well into the setting. The movies that unravel key parts of the storyline are very artistic. If you are looking for an original game that tries to do something outside of the regular genre boundaries, consider giving Getting Up a try. It might be a great opportunity to connect with your rebellious side. Since the game leaves plenty of loose ends for a sequel, here’s hoping we’ll meet Trane again for more death-defying stunts and graffiti.
It's easy to look at a game that has a non-gamemaking fashion designer's name right in the title and assume that it's going to be some sort of flashy, style-over-substance licensed product, but Atari, The Collective, and Ecko have effectively teamed up here and put together a game that has plenty of flashy style, but is a quality game underneath all that flash. If you happen to be at least slightly interested in graffiti, you'll get a lot out of the game. If you aren't, you'll probably still be able to appreciate a lot of what the game does, and you just might learn a little something along the way.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Atari, ontwikkelaar The Collective en Marc Ecko zelf zijn er in geslaagd een twijfelachtige samenwerking en uitgangspunt tot een meer dan gewoon goed einde te brengen. Zelfs als je niet geïnteresseerd bent in graffiti, dan nog krijg je op gelijk welk platform een fantastisch uitziend en geweldig spelend game.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Een originele mengeling van stijlen, maar een paar bekende Atari-kwaaltjes zijn hier het struikelblok.
Game Informer Magazine
As much as I'd like to laud this as a must-play, it just doesn't live up to it's promise. If we are to truly see video games progress, unique and innovative games like this need to start delivering gameplay as polished as less-novel (but immaculately crafted) games like Call of Duty 2 (which succeeds despite the glut of WWII games on the market). As it stands, Getting Up is a game I like more for its potential than its execution, and that's a shame.
GameStar (Germany)
Ich habe es nicht so mit Hiphop, gestehe aber, dass die Tracks von Marc Ecko's Getting Up ganz schön "mitwippig" sind. Ich habe es auch nicht so mit Graffiti, gestehe aber, dass es eine Weile Spaß macht, Brücken und Häuser mit Logos zu pflastern. Was ich gar nicht mag, ist diese Brutalität des Spiels und die Sprüche dazu. Da wird nicht ironisch gebrochen wie in GTA San Andreas, das soll im Ernst so sein. Und es soll cool sein. Das finde ich reichlich uncool.
PC Action
Auf der deutschen Sprachausgabe hacken alle herum. Ist auch schlimm, was Afrob & Co. von sich geben. Aber dann stell ich im Menü eben die Sprache auf Englisch und gut ist. Doch auch so bleiben wohl nur eingefleischte Hip-Hop- und Graffiti-Freaks bis zum Schluss am Ball. Die drei Spielelemente (Sprühen, Klettern, Prügeln) wiederholen sich ständig und im Spielverlauf führt der Titel einfach nicht genügend Neuerungen ein. Dass ich selbst keine Graffiti entwerfen darf, hat mich am meisten getroffen.
The game strikes a nice balance between fighting and tagging. Although frequent, the fighting winds up being secondary to advancing the story line. In some missions, it even works out better to evade authorities and simply complete your objective. At the forefront of Getting Up you'll find not only the graffiti, but also the entire culture surrounding it. By enlisting graffiti legends such as Futura and Shepard Fairey and hip-hop artists like P. Diddy and Talib Kweli, Getting Up presents itself as an immersive experience for those new to graffiti culture. This is where Getting Up shines: It is a game that can provide what no other game has before (no, we won't compare it to Jet Set Radio). And while it was defiantly delicious to paint my (Trane's) name all over town, you don't need to worry that I'll go to the nearest train and tag a big pink "Kimi" on my way home.
I appreciate what this game is trying to do. Unfortunately, it can’t quite get the fundamental controls to work well enough. There are pros and cons to playing this on PC. The fighting feels a little faster, but the spray painting feels more awkward using a keyboard and mouse. I love the soundtrack, and I love the graffiti cultural nods that show up through the story. But I really wish there was some way to import my own art and paint that all over New Radius. That element alone would have given this game so much more substance. My only wish now is that the team pursues a sequel where the controls are tweaked and user art can be implemented.
PC Games (Germany)
Wer zum Teufel ist Marc Ecko? Der Modepapst der Graffiti- und Hip-Hop-Szene! Der gute Mann hat mit Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure nun ein eigenes Spiel. Allerdings kommt Ecko darin nicht vor, aber sein Style: Schlabberpullis, T-Shirts, Baggy-Pants. Die Hauptperson ist Sprayer Trane, der es vom Toy (Graffiti-Anfänger) zum Meistersprüher schaffen will. In New Radius, Tranes Heimatstadt, die wie ein Mix aus New York und Hongkong aussieht, sind jedoch feindlich gesinnte Graffiti-Crews und eine spezielle Ordnungspolizei namens CCK unterwegs, die es auf ihn abgesehen haben. So kommt es auch zwischen der Polizei und den Gang-Mitgliedern immer wieder zu Kämpfen - nicht mit der Sprühdose, sondern mit Fäusten und Baseball-Schlägern ausgefochten.
Game Freaks 365
Progressing through the Marc Ecko becomes more of a chore than an achievement. I had trouble just staying interested during my time that I was playing through. Because of this, I doubt I would pick it up again. Marc Ecko's Getting Up could have been so much more, but we are left wondering what could have been if the game would have been in production another few months.
Game Informer Magazine
Thrills could have been garnered from the platforming and hand-to-hand combat, but unresponsive controls, problematic camerawork, and general repetition plague both of these aspects. In a cruel twist of irony, a game about graffiti art delivers an experience that is as boring as watching paint dry.
UOL Jogos
Mas, enfim, é um retrato descolado e muito válido do universo do grafite que, enquanto expressão da arte urbana, merece todo o respeito e consideração. Enquanto game, merecia mais.
Absolute Games (
Наш подопечный Трэйн — первый парень на черном гетто, умеет и по трубе залезть на крышу, и разрисовать вагон метро, и сломать челюсть хуком слева. Причем последнее качество ему понадобится больше двух других вместе взятых — на улицах Нью-Радиуса кулаки искусству не помешают. На каждом новом этапе мы сначала противимся злу насилием, пуская в ход доски, трубы, ведра и прочие подручные средства, а уж затем расклеиваем по стенам свободолюбивую пропаганду. Исключение составляют места, оснащенные бесконечными "репопящимися" патрулями, там надо полагаться на быстрые ноги и несовместимый с жизнью "стелс".
Si on peut croire en Marc Ecko's Getting Up quand on se lance dans le titre, c'est pour mieux désenchanter lorsqu'on réalise qu'on a tout vu au bout de quelques minutes. Extrêmement répétitif dans la structure de ses missions (cogner, grimper, graffer), il l'est tout autant dans ses actions qui deviennent de tristes formalités, bien loin finalement de l'esprit original qui devrait habiter le jeu.
If you can tolerate the loose controls then you'll find that Contents Under Pressure isn't an awful game, but it just feels sloppy. Trane often gets stuck on walls, enemies frequently appear to be inside concrete floors, graf can be painted off the edge of a wall and onto thin air, and various other graphical glitches crop up pretty frequently. There simply isn't a single area of the game that stands out as anything other than average, and that just isn't good enough.
PC Powerplay
Spiele, in denen sich mein Alter Ego wie ein Asi benimmt und anhört, sind mir eiN Graus. Getting Up ist so ein Fall, denn es glorifiziert asoziales Verhalten, und damit meine ich nicht das Sprühen. Trotz des ach so künstlerischen Anspruchs des Spiels: Am Boden liegenden Gegnern in die Weichteile zu treten und sie zu beklauen, hat für mich nichts mit Kunst zu tun, Davon abgesehen bietet das Spiel zu wenig Abwechslung und entpuppt sich rasch als Langweiler: Sprühen, Prügeln, Klettern, viel mehr ist in Getting Up nicht zu tun.
Marc Ecko's Getting Up rassemble les acrobaties de Prince of Persia et les banlieues de GTA pour faire découvrir le monde des graffeurs. Mais l'alchimie est-elle vraiment la bonne ?