The Mark (Windows)

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The Mark Credits

T7 Games

CEOJames Cato
Managing DirectorAndrzej Wilewski
Lead ProgrammerAndrzej Wilewski
Art DirectorBartłomiej Biesiekirski
Lead ArtistBartłomiej Biesiekirski
AnimatorBartłomiej Biesiekirski
WriterMichał Rymaszewski
Math, Physics and Tools ProgrammerBartłomiej Waszak
Level and Action DesignersKrzysztof Zarzycki, Paweł Waszak
Lead 2D ArtistRemigiusz Nowakowski
Texture ArtistRemigiusz Nowakowski
Level Lighting DesignerRemigiusz Nowakowski
3D ArtistPaweł Waszak, Zbigniew Nowak
2D ArtistZbigniew Nowak
Weapon DesignerZbigniew Nowak
FX DesignerZbigniew Nowak
MusicKarol Sabat
Sound FXKarol Sabat
Additional GuitarRafal Sitnik
Testing and QAJacek Matuszewski

JoWood Productions Software AG

Brand ManagementStefan Berger, Marcel Uhlmann, Stephan Schnedlitz
MarketingJohannes Natterer, Petra Gangl
Public RelationsTamara Berger
LocalizationGennaro Giani
Art DirectionSabine Schmid
Copy Protection & MasteringRudolf Doringer, Andreas Gudz
WebMartin Langbrugger, Ernst Satzinger
CommunityJohann Ertl (IvanErtlov)
External QAQuantic Lab S.R.L -
Lead TesterMarangoci Constantin (Ash)
TestersVictor Dragan (Anarchy), Ionut Pintea (Pilu), Radu Popescu (Radhoo), Mihai Rusu (Arthy), Tiberiu Sandor (The Saint), Mihai Sava (Baciu)

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