Mars: War Logs Screenshots (Windows)

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The game opens with the inner monologue of Innocence Smith, a prisoner of war, who will soon run into the player character Roy Temperance.
Innocence leaving the transport train and arriving at the P.O.W. camp.
The first adversary you encounter in the game is a fellow P.O.W. named Fatso. He immediately makes it quite clear what Innocence can expect for his welcoming ceremony.
Just in the nick of time, Roy enters the scene. He does not take Fatso up on his offer.
Roy isn't a huge fan of Innocence's appreciative attitude after saving him from Fatso's perverted plans.
The inventory, quite empty at this point. Later on you will have various armors, weapons and trinkets filling it up.
The feats in the game can be unlocked by fulfilling various criteria. The bonuses they give range from more experience points from combat to unlocking new crafting recipes.
The skills menu, yet again very little unlocked so early on. There is three skill trees. The Fighter tree, the Renegade tree and the Technomancer tree.
The war log in the game helps you keep track of quests and side quests but also gives you information on characters, factions, history and so on.
The game's map helps you locate quest objectives, important characters and so on. It can also be viewed as an overlay whilst actually running around in the world.
Your first side quest is given by an Abundance mechanic who wants you to help him track down some spare materials he needs for his repairs.
First taste of combat in the game. After leaving the showers you are assaulted by Fatso and his boys.
Fatso finally enters the fray himself after his boys are defeated by Roy and Innocence.
Sadly an Abundance soldier intervenes before Roy has a chance to end Fatso's life.
The game does occasionally manage to present nice environmental views.
Much further on in the game. The transition between chapters in the game takes the form of Innocence reading the war log he keeps of the events that transpire in the game.