Written by  :  Thekwane Black (34)
Written on  :  May 04, 2013
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars

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Watered down Mass Effect 2

The Good

Mass Effect 3, graphically is stunning. The cut scenes are epic and really push the story telling. In the previous games you build up great relationships with characters who you again join up with during this game. The action or fighting FPS scene feel shorter and maybe not as epic. It may take you 5 minutes of play to save a world that is having a Epic battle. This is not really an issues if you are keen on keeping the story going. The middle portion of the game which ties up loose ends from the previous games is probably the most memorable with some emotional moments.

The Bad

I did not feel the closeness or in depth personal relationships experience with crew members as in the previous games, it seemed very generic with maybe one or two personal moments. The game also felt a bit rushed. Unlike the previous installments, they have done away with mining for minerals for resources and instead added a scanner to detect single items in space systems which are needed for the big war effort. This means that you can basically fly around and collect everything from known planets within a few hours, you then have to stumble and eves drop on people in the citadel for these side missions and run up and down corridors to reach them. I also felt, and I mean some may disagree, that the choices you make in this game and the consequences of which, are not obviously seen. For example saving the Geth or Quanaries or stopping the Genophage cure, or finding extra fighters, how does this benefit the player, are these included in cut-scenes which otherwise do not appear? did I really have to support the defense of the Citadel when things later on show that it may have been a pointless exercise anyway. In Mass effect 2 your choices could lead to the life and death of your crew mates and they definitely become clear as you progressed through the game. Here it happens once or twice. The sections of the game, should have had more strategic leadership choices with NPC's. The renegade and paragon choices were little and far between and not nearly as effective as before. I think as well that their should have been options whereby Sheppard could have called on war resources to assist with certain tasks at or near the end of the game i.e. Use special op's to infiltrate tower, or use special fighter (war resource) to attack tower. There was none of that so you have to presume that everything you collected, somehow, somewhere had or is assisting you with your primary goal.

The Bottom Line

Mass Effect 3 is a very decent game, the RPG aspect of it has been watered down drastically which I found sad. It is not as emotionally binding as number two, but at least it ties up lose ends. I have not played any DLC as of yet, but am sure they round off the story nicely. Definitely worth investing in, but in my opinion Mass Effect 2 is far superior in story telling, structure and care.