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Massive Assault Network 2 (Windows)

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Massive Assault Network 2 Credits


Game DesignVictor Kislyi, Anton Macovskiy, Arthur Maximenko
ProducersVictor Kislyi, Nick Katselapov
Project ManagerNick Katselapov
Engine ProgrammingAliaksei Brahin
Script ProgrammingAliaksei Brahin
AI ProgrammingAnton Macovskiy
Game Logic ProgrammingArthur Maximenko, Yuliya Romanova
GUI ProgrammingArthur Maximenko, Yuliya Romanova
Network ProgrammingArthur Maximenko, Vadim Gaidukevich, Yuliya Romanova
QA TeamAntonida Ruzmicheva, Stepan DrozD, Aliaksey Lisouski
3D ArtistsGleb Dockuchaev, Dmitry Kozlov
2D ArtistsAlexander Yantchuk, Ivan Dribas, Anastasiya Burdzevitskaya
Interface DesignEugene Smozhevsky, Ivan Dribas
Concept ArtEugene Smozhevsky, Alexander Yatsukevich
Visual EffectsAlexander Yatsukevich, Aliaksei Brahin
MusicSergey Khmelevsky, Arthur Maximenko
Sound EffectsIgor Yakovishin, Christopher M. Ihihoh
Voice Casting & Sound DirectorIvan Dribas
UsesOgg Vorbis, LUA
Ogg Vorbis Copyright (c) 1994-2005Xiph.Org
LUA Copyright (c) 2003-2005Tecgraf; PUC‑RIO

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