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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.6

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Daily Game (Feb 22, 2004)
Massive Assault proves that simplicity of gameplay doesn't mean boring gameplay. In the case of Massive Assault, the simplicity is its strength. MA is like playing some of the best strategy titles around without having to spend all your time foraging for food, digging new mines or watching out for cheap gameplay exploiters. Massive Assault is the PC title I'll be playing for the next several months, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great strategy title with excellent online support and some of the most punishing AI around.
93 (Jan 01, 2004)
If you're into turn based strategy games that are all about moving and destroying units and don't really care for the economic side of strategy, then you won't find a game that is more satisfying than this one. Both gameplay and presentation are the best in the genre I've seen in years, and probably even for years to come. I've played this game for a couple of weeks now and without any doubt will do so for many weeks, probably even months. Still don't know if this "next dimension of chess" is your cup of tea ? Then don't hesitate to download the extensive demo, and remember, you owe it to yourself to play this game !
Jolt (UK) (Nov 02, 2003)
Massive Assault is an extremely well designed game. The gameplay is highly streamlined, as is the interface and everything else about it. The downside to this is that it offers nothing in the way of engaging story, memorable characters or any other 'human' aspects. Even the commentator has a cold, hard-edged voice. Other than this, the game has no real failings per se, although the slow pacing and complete deemphasis on skill or quick-thinking may not be to every strategy gamers tastes.
Netjak (Dec 24, 2003)
On rare occasions, a game comes along where it's evident that the developer strived to offer the best possible gameplay experience. Instead of relying on a huge marketing budget, name recognition or hype, the design team focuses on simplifying the game mechanics to create a solid, no nonsense title. Massive Assault is just that. Offering a very simple gameplay, which is easy to learn but hard to master, great game balance, solid A.I. and surprisingly lavish graphics, it has the potential to become a classic.
GameZone (Oct 13, 2003)
Massive Assault from Tri Synergy is a turn-based strategy game set a few hundred years in the future. In the game you have access to a great many futuristic vehicles as you try to blow up your enemies in six different planets. The game’s fast pace and nice graphics make the game almost seem to be a Real-Time Strategy game, although all the action is turn-based. Although it’s not terribly deep, turn-based strategy fans should find a very accessible and addicting strategy game with Massive Assault.
IGN (Oct 21, 2003)
The world of turn-based strategy is a small one against the RTS monolith and its blockbuster franchises. We've had some classic games of our own, with the Heroes of Might and Magic and Age of Wonders games, but a man needs more variety. Massive Assault comes from another angle, with a science-fiction background and a decidedly combat-oriented focus. There are no heroes, resource management, research trees, or buildings to construct. If you want the traditional 4X strategy game, you won't find it here, but Massive Assualt has a lot to offer.
PC Gamer (Feb, 2004)
Powerful hulking Mechs have always lent themselves to a super-sized helping of destruction in action games. But the lumbering war machines get the full turn-based-strategy treatment in Massive Assault, a BattleTech-inspired game that emphasizes careful planning and tactical vigilance.
Game Watcher (Oct 31, 2003)
In the end, I think Massive Assault has a lot of value as a combat game and is a good buy thanks to its sharp AI and tight strategy. Is it the best game I've played this year? Not really. The combat is surely good to go, but it did miss a few opportunities to achieve more and break some ground. For the most part it's a nice, solid game. Give it a try if you like to ram explosive projectiles into things, just don't go expecting the gaming equivalent of an Oscar winner.
Game Over Online (Mar 24, 2004)
Massive Assault is a classic turn-based strategy title that sheds its age by taking its design from a sci-fi futuristic motif and presenting it in a competent 3D engine. In its fundamentals, it's really no different than any other tabletop game except in those titles you would be seeing hexagons, color codes and terrain markers. Massive Assault is a more dressed up version of that.
GameSpot (Oct 30, 2003)
Here's something different:'s Massive Assault looks like a 3D real-time strategy game but plays like a streamlined turn-based wargame--or a souped-up version of chess. While it might look simplistic, at first, it actually requires careful thinking and offers some entertaining gameplay. Unfortunately, even though Massive Assault is fairly easy to learn and is very user-friendly, it can be excessively difficult, sometimes putting an end to the fun as soon as it begins.
Massive Assault is a good title if you’re serious about your strategy games. Casual strategic commanders and those that think the sun rises and sets over Age of Mythology and the like probably won’t see the draw or attraction. While the principals are simplistic, a serious desktop general should find enough to keep them interested and addicted just the same.
Worth Playing (Nov 30, 2003)
When I first saw previews of Massive Assault my first thought was, here comes another RTS from a small developer trying to make a cut. I had seen a few screenshots and a line or two about the game. Oh, it's going to be turn-based. Outside of being turn-based, nothing looked very significant. After I installed the game and loaded the first menu up my thoughts didn't change much. It looked very much like Total Annihilation in higher resolution. On top of that, it looked a little too colorful to be taken seriously. This is war right? Why the bright colors of the rainbow?
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2003)
Für Battle Isle Kenner mit schnellem Rechner ist Massive Assault einen Blick wert, allen anderen wird es schnell langweilig.
67 (Mar 23, 2005)
Die Kämpfe bieten reichlich Abwechslung, da auf den großen Karten mit meist vielen Inseln viel mehr Strategie als Taktik gefragt ist. Mit das Beste ist, dass ihr Massive Assault ausgiebig testen könnt, ohne dass ihr dafür auch nur einen Cent berappen müsst. Und das ist auch nötig, denn viele Dinge erschließen sich erst nach einigen Partien gegen erfahrene Spieler. Ausgefuchste Strategen, die auf rundenbasierte Online-Schlachten stehen, sollten sich das Spiel also zumindest anschauen. Richtig gespielt ist Massive Assault ein zeitintensiver Spaß, der nicht die Welt kostet und euch immer wieder an den Rechner treibt. Schließlich wollt ihr doch wissen, wer die Beförderung für den Sieger einheimst. Die deutsche Verkaufsversion Massive Assault Network hingegen ist leider nicht komplett übersetzt und bietet eigentlich nichts über die kostenlose Testversion hinaus, das den Preis rechtfertigt.
65 (Nov 13, 2003)
Bon, Massive Assault ne fait pas dans l'originalité : c'est de la stratégie au tour par tour classique. Classique mais de qualité cependant : il est idéal pour ceux qui souhaitent s'initier à ce style de jeu de par sa facilité d'accès. Mais simplicité de prise en main ne veut pas dire qui se termine rapidement : certaines cartes sont très difficiles. En fait, ce titre ne révolutionnera pas le genre mais est cependant assez plaisant à jouer, il est simplement dommage que l'action soit un peu répétitive et que la réalisation soit datée.
PC Jeux (Nov, 2003)
Un jeu correctement réalisé, une bonne IA, mais réservé aux fans de prises de tête.
Joystick (French) (Nov, 2003)
Sous ses airs de RTS, Massive Assault s'avère être un redoutable jeu d'échec habillé par un background futuriste. Attention, l'ensemble peut toutefois devenir rapidement lassant si vous n'eêtes pas un mordu de la réflexion. Ou si vous n'êtes pas totalement maso.
GameSpy (Dec 27, 2003)
It's the 22nd century, and multiple worlds are rife with battle between the Free Nations Union and the Phantom League. As a general of one of the armies, it's up to you to capture enemy territory and destroy all your opponents with a variety of land, air, and sea forces. Massive Assault is a turn-based strategy game that's easy to learn, and yet challenging enough to entertain fans of the genre.
If you treat Massive Assault like a regular war game, you will find no enjoyment. If you can get over that prejudice and treat it like a puzzle game with combat, you’ll find many brainteaser scenarios. They aren’t necessarily fun, but they’re definitely challenging and maybe even addictive.