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Windows version

Character creation part 1. Your background defines your stats.
Character creation part 2. You can combine presets into a (hopefully) unique look.
Ugh! I can never remember which one is which...
Your training begins in a familiar location.
Every time an area loads, it will start as Matrix code and fade into the complete level.
Close combat relies on an "interlock" system. You and one opponent lock in combat and trade turns (enforced in real time with cooldowns).
Telephone booths teleport you around the city and act as your links back to your ship.
Many of the city's districts are slums or industrial zones.
Players congregate in the Mara courtyard.
Every building in the game occupies a physical space, including rooftops. As you level higher, you can travel by jumping across them.
Three warring factions promise an active PvP scene.
Specials and powers are based off of computer hacking, and/or the style of the movies. This guy is doing the same bullet dodge as agents in the film.
Traffic and civilian NPCs mill around the streets. Enemy gang NPCs usually claim the alleyways.
Character models and clothing fit the style of the movie. Bring your leather and vinyl!
Every building in the game can be entered. Most share one of a few generic interior layouts. Some have their own unique lobbies.
Subway stations move you between districts.
The downtown area. Stay here too long without stealing authorization and an Agent will come after you.
More attractive, affluent regions of the city generally contain high-level foes.