M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration Credits (Windows)

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M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration Credits


ProducerPaul Kellner
Associate ProducersChip Bumgardner, Ryan Rucinski
Line ProducersDavid L. Simon, Amy Mitchell
Lead DesignerGus Smedstad
Game DesignAli N. Atabek, Dave Boulanger, Paul Kellner, Christopher Taylor, Bernie Weir
Lead ProgrammerDave Boulanger
AI Design and ProgrammingGus Smedstad
ProgrammerBernie Weir
Network SupportErik Bethke, Dave Boulanger, Bernie Weir
Additional Network ProgrammingQuiksilver Inc
Additional ProgrammingAndy Pal, Jim Gardner
Art DirectorScott Bieser
ArtistsMike Harris, Adam Rote, Stephen Beam, Anthony Postma
Additional ArtistsArlene Caberto Somers, Christopher Regalado, Mark Bergo, Michael Dean, Acorn Production
Additional ArtFlatline Studios LLC

Acorn Entertainment, Los Angeles

Executive Producer for Acorn EntertainmentThad Weinlein
Lead CGI AnimationFred Kuentz
Addt´l CGI AnimationStevan del George
Lead ArtistRudy Obrero
Asst. IllustratorDeanna Ino
Addt´l IllustratorPatrick Shigetani
Cover Design ConceptsEdemer Santos
MusicRick Jackson, Ronald Valdez

Flatline Productions

Flatline ProductionBryand Lassiter, Seth , Glenn Israel
Flatline SupervisorEric Smith
Visual Concepts and StoryboardsAnthony Postma
World CreationStephen Beam, Adam Rote
Head Writer / Campaign Scenario DesignChristopher Taylor
Writer / Mission Scenario DesignDavid Hendee
DialogueDrew Markham
Manual WriterPetra Schlunk, Christopher Taylor
Manual EditorStephen Bokkes, Amy Mitchell
Manual DesignTracie D. Martin, Craig Owens
Manual Reflow EditorEd Rubin
Box Cover DesignAnthony Postma
Traffic ManagerTom Donner
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Audio AdministratorGloria Soto
Sound DesignCharles Deenen, Larry Peacock, Gregory R. Allen, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Game MusicRick Jackson, Ronald Valdez
Voice Casting Direction / SupervisionChris Borders
VoicesClancy Brown, Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey DeLisle
VO EditingFrank Szick, Kevin Fray Sr.
MasteringCraig Durman
Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
QA ManagerSteve Victory
QA Project SupervisorCory Nelson
TestersStephen Bokkes, Donnie Cornwell, Michael Wood, Mark Holtzclaw
QA IS ManagerFrank Pimentel
QA TechniciansBill Delk, Christian D. Peak
Director of CompabilityPhuong Nguyen
Compability TechniciansMarc Duran, Dan Forsyth, Derek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke
Director of MarketingKaren Schohan
Senior Product Marketing ManagerDebbie Howell
Product Marketing ManagerDean Schulte
PR DirectorKirk Green
PR ManagerChristine Nagata
Internal Coordination ManagerMike Wood
Flatcat Division DirectorAli N. Atabek
VP of DevelopmentTrish Wright
Special Thanks toOur Betatesters

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