Written by  :  reeZe Risowisch (11)
Written on  :  Oct 13, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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One of my favorites!

The Good

The graphics are very stylish, with the slow motion (bullet-time) effect. It is cool the viewing distance is so long, I particularly liked one of the last levels where you should snipe from far away. The way Max holds his weapon and moves around is also very cool.

The story: that was really great in the game. I haven't played the first Max Payne (yet), but I loved the way the story was presented in "Max Payne 2" through the comic-book sequences. The love story between Max and Mona was great.

The gameplay is just what I need: to shoot down bad guys, and nothing more. Of course, bullet-time effect is excellent: it is great to see how Max falls down, and while doing that shoots at his enemies.

The Bad

It was a bit too short. I think it was possible to develop more the love story between Max and Mona.

The Bottom Line

I recommend this to anyone who loves action, love, and shooting bad guys!