Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The always present main menu shot, introducing Mona Sax as a co-protagonist.
"Ough, I hate mondays..." This is how the game starts. Looking good, Payne!
Trying to shake off the effect of the drugs and the pain in every bone of the body, Max finds his first corpse, and hears the first treath... This can't be good.
Can you believe that two seconds ago all that stuff was properly placed in the shelf... which was by the way hanging on the wall? Say hi to the "havoc" physics engine!
Looks like at least Max is gonna have *some* fun this time.
Luckily, Max got rid of the hideous colorful shirt of the first game.
The snow storm of the century is gone... to be replaced by a regular rainstorm. Nice reflections, huh?
Once again, the "soap opera device" is gonna be used to add a little irony to the storytelling.
The good old shoot-dodging is back, along with a modified bullet time... and some quite fancy shading!
Max is back in the NYPD, so we can get to see him doing lots of fancy cop stuff like never before: "Freeze!", "Up against the wall!", "I need backup!".
Yes, Virginia, these are in-game graphics. Although the game engine is the same as in the prequel, this time it's been loaded with cool special effects as well as very detailed textures...
Back in action
Extreme Bullet Time
You said something ?
Non stop action
Max has a variety of weapons
You can also play as Mona in the game
Beware !!!
OH MY GOD, It's the chateau from The Matrix Reloaded ...
Reloading amidst the chaos.
Mona Sax: a pretty tough woman.
Spraying the guards with bullets.
Pill a day, keep the doctor away
Keyboard controls
Vinnie Gognitti
Vladimir Lem
Detective Winterson
Max Payne is confused
Previously on Max Payne
Vladimir Lem's Office
Mike The Cowboy
The Story continues
Jim Bravura
Hostage in danger
Mona Sax
Max waits for his enemies in the dark...