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Max Payne 3 (Windows)

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall MobyScore (22 votes) 4.1

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Max Payne is the good person. He may be broken and bitter and praying for a way out of his miserable life, but he still does what needs to be done to save the innocent and protect the helpless. The loss of his family devastated him beyond belief but when there is a job to be done; as unpleasant and suicidal as it may be, he will get the job done. If you have never played Max Payne or, let alone this game, the experience alone is one for the generation. It is an all around amazing game and everyone should definitely rent or own and play this title. Rockstar once again has impressed the gaming world again. If you do not believe me, go see for yourself.
Impulse Gamer
Max Payne 3 is a solid game made for the PC, with incredible visuals and sound to go along with that. This is a no brainer for any action shooter fan out there. If you have not tried this legendary series yet, then Max Payne 3 is a perfect introduction.
Vandal Online
Los fans de Max Payne habituales de PC pueden estar tranquilos. Rockstar ha hecho los deberes y nos ha traído algo más que una simple conversión hecha solo por cumplir. Si os gustan los juegos de acción, el cine negro y vuestra plataforma de juego favorita es el PC ni os lo penséis: Max ha vuelto y en mejor forma que nunca.
Il team Rockstar è riuscito a rivisitare con grande maestria il lavoro svolto in precedenza da Remedy. Probabilmente nessun altro avrebbe saputo interpretare nello stesso modo la maturità e la disperazione di un'icona d'altri tempi.
Avec Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games démontre de manière brillante qu'il maîtrise sans trembler les arcanes du jeu d'action, même lorsqu'il ne s'agit pas d'open world.
3D Juegos
Max Payne 3 es uno de los mejores shooters de los últimos tiempos en PC, y también uno de los más brillantes lanzamientos en lo que va de año. Rockstar cuaja un grandísimo videojuego de acción que es a partes iguales espectacular, bello y, además, muy divertido. Larga campaña, muy buen multijugador y gran historia de enorme fuerza cinemática para un conjunto inusitadamente compacto. Un verdadero imprescindible.
Max Payne 3 è uno dei migliori third person shooter degli ultimi anni e questa versione PC è stata realizzata con cura e competenza: sarebbe un peccato perderselo.
Max Payne 3 en PC mantiene la esencia jugable, los modos de juego, la increíble historia, y, además, incluye mejoras gráficas y una implementación perfecta del teclado y el ratón, sin duda, los más puristas pueden estar de enhorabuena.
On a eu peur pour ce cher Max, mais il nous revient en très grande forme (enfin lui-même n'est pas très en forme mais là n'est pas la question), fort de son ambiance exotico-sombre, Max Payne 3 nous emmène dans un cavale sanglante qui va nous marquer pour des années. N'oublions pas de préciser que le plaisir se vit seul mais aussi à plusieurs et nous avons l'un des titres phares dans le genre sur PC. Au final, nous avons eu grand plaisir à revoir ce cher Max, merci Rockstar !
Max Payne apresenta-se ao serviço nove anos depois do último capítulo, num jogo recheado de ação explosiva. Agora em São Paulo, preparem-se para uma viagem alucinante, com óbvia inspiração em filmes como Cidade de Deus e Tropa de Elite.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Bullet-time is like whips and black leather – it's oh-so-exciting at first, but after awhile it becomes routine. Ultimately, Max Payne 2 is like a new braided whip – less king with a sharper sting, and fun right up until you don't want any more.
Anche se non siete fan conclamati degli sparatutto d'azione: difficilmente nell'anno di grazia 2012 riuscirete a mettere le mani su una trasposizione PC curata meglio di questa.
They say the more things change, the more they stay the same, and one thing remains true: you can still count on the Max Payne name to deliver some of the most stylish, distinctive, pulse-pounding shooting around.
Spazio Games
Max Payne 3 in versione PC raggiunge l’apice della forma, mostra i muscoli e sbalordisce il giocatore in possesso di un buon hardware con una resa grafica di fronte alla quale le versioni per console impallidiscono.
I'm thrilled that Rockstar lived up to the series' legacy with a masterful blend of near-perfect combat and character. In an overcrowded genre, Max Payne 3 shows how to do a linear shooter right.
CPU Gamer
It seemed longer for a new Max Payne game, because that’s the kind of game you don’t play for infinity. It’s more of something that you take to heart once, lock it away, and then let nostalgia age those memories into what must now be a product of utter perfection. That’s a tall order to live up to, and Rockstar took a look at those demands, took a few core principles, and then gave us a Max Payne game worth talking about and absolutely worth playing with a ballsy willingness to not compromise on their own artistic direction.
I find it difficult to be overly critical about Max Payne 3. While it has a few missteps and lacks the semi tongue in cheek humor of the original games, I found that the experience of Max’s journey to be far more engrossing than I initially expected. This was a game I was ready to dislike when it the change in direction was announced, but in the end I just can’t stop talking about it. Although the experience will largely be the same whether you play the game on PC or consoles, if your machine can handle it then definitely get the PC version for the graphics and precision aiming. Incredibly comfortable gunplay, beautiful visuals and a mature storyline combine to make Max Payne 3 an evocative game that simply must be experienced.
PC Games (Germany)
Gebrochene Helden sind genau mein Ding - vor allem dann, wenn sie sich durch ein solches Action-Meisterwerk kämpfen. Keine Frage: Was Rockstar hier in Sachen Inszenierung abfeuert, ist im Shooter-Genre konkurrenzlos. Umso ärgerlicher, dass einige spielerische Details "nur" gut und nicht überragend sind. Zudem hätte ich mir mehr Ideenreichtum gewünscht, denn irgendwie hat man das dann doch alles schon mal gesehen - nur eben nicht so schick und cool verpackt.
GameStar (Germany)
Ich hatte befürchtet, dass die Fabiana-Entführung der einzige Aufhänger der Story wird und damit die ganze Geschichte zum Scheitern verurteilt. Aber Rockstar hat es geschafft, Max als Figur so fesselnd zu gestalten, dass der Kerl alleine die ganze Handlung trägt. Gegen Ende bringt er es selbst auf den Punkt: »Mein Tod war mir egal, ich wollte nur vorher ordentlich nerven.« Selten hat mir »nerven« so viel Spaß gemacht. Das Spiel hat zwar Macken, insbesondere die Achievements zerreiben mir die sonst so dichte Atmosphäre, aber dafür habe ich schon ein Gegenmittel gefunden: Ich spiele Max Payne 3 jetzt noch einmal in einem höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad und pfeife auf die ganzen Sammelobjekte.
Even if it’s not a huge innovation, Max Payne 3 uses all the elements that made the series a significant name among action titles. The story is interesting and you get lots of reasons to go through it again at least twice or go for headshots in multiplayer. It’s true that Max is older and the end might have changed him forever, but he will continue to offer what we expect him to: intense action, adrenaline and, why not, stylish kills.
Armchair Empire, The
What you should take away from everything above is that Max Payne 3 is a worthy sequel to the Remedy Games originals. Max's monologues aren't quite as faux-serious (and are instead depressingly serious) and the cover mechanic will certainly be an adjustment for fans of the first two games, but there's a lot of action, challenge, twists in the story, and plenty to do after the credits roll that Max Payne 3 gets high marks indeed.
Hooked Gamers
Rockstar had a tough job on their hands when they took on this game because of the great fan appreciation of the first two games from Remedy. Whether the developer has done the series justice is up to those die hard fans, but for those of us who just want ten hours of entertainment, or more if you include the multiplayer, Max Payne 3 is a gritty, over the top yet rooted in reality, messy bit of fun.
Game Watcher
It’s been a long wait, but overall I am definitely satisfied with my time in Max Payne 3. It was addictive and entertaining to play from beginning to end, and after a brief stint on Arcade I realised I could easily play it again and still enjoy it – and the multiplayer’s pretty damn fun too, if sadly lacking in co-op. While I would have preferred an American Noir setting I can’t really fault having something different, and Sao Paulo makes a disturbing new world to explore. The cutscenes are too abundant for my tastes, and the bad checkpointing artificially raises the difficulty (not to mention the frustration), but otherwise this is a well-polished and challenging shooter that’s at home on PC.
Gaming Nexus
Max Payne 3 is a real love-hate relationship. Just when the solo story is getting good, the gameplay will get clunky, the slow-mo will go unused or Max will do something dumb. But then you remember how fun and creative the multiplayer is, and you can't in good conscience completely hate the game. Max 3 is a rocky return to form but at least Max Payne is back and dodging bullets again.
Hyper jouable, magnifiquement réalisé, le solo reste cependant un peu prisonnier de sa formule : c'est du côté du multijoueurs qu'il faudra se rafraîchir, et contre toute attente, celui de Max Payne 3 s'avère être un petit bijou.
Atomic Gamer
I give this one a hearty recommendation as long as you're not dead-set on seeing Max Payne stay stuck in the last decade. Annoyances aside, Rockstar still did a pretty damn good job, and I really hope that despite the game's lackluster sales, they can figure out a way to keep this franchise alive.
Absolute Games (
Макс Пейн переехал из Нью-Йорка в Сан-Паулу, но остался на месте. Max Payne 3 не модный нынче «перезапуск», приквел или HD-римейк. Rockstar Vancouver, отделенная от Remedy половиной земного шара, поменяла все — картинку, декорации, персонажей, — однако иначе как настоящим продолжением результат не назвать.
Was ist los Rockstar, habt ihr keine Eier mehr? Warum ist die Story so schwach, die Inszenierung so gewöhnlich? Traut ihr euch nicht, ein anspruchsvolleres Spiel noir für Action-Veteranen zu machen? Und ich dachte, ihr Amerikaner versteht was von Kapitalismus? Wenn auf einem Produkt Max Payne drauf steht, dann sollte auch einer drin sein! Ich habe Max geliebt, weil er Charakter und Stil hatte – wie ein guter Whiskey. Das hier schmeckt wie ein bunter Cocktail, spielt sich wie ein explosiver Military-Shooter, nur dass nebenbei Latinas in String-Tangas tanzen. Von der Symbolik und Düsternis der ersten Teile ist nichts zu spüren und der erhoffte Dramaturgiewechsel nach der äußeren Veränderung des Helden findet nicht statt - das Drehbuch kann die Entwicklung nicht mal plausibel erklären.