Written by  :  chromax (20)
Written on  :  Oct 27, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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a boring game with good atmosphere!

The Good

The atmosphere of the game is really good. Like in American McGee's Alice it is a depressive and dark atmosphere in the game. A guy who wants revenge for his wife and kid and then the snow falls in the dark night.

The bullet-time mode is a nice idea and makes the game interesting.

The Bad

The gameplay is always the same. There is no variety in it. You always run through some houses and jump in bullet-time around corners to kill the enemies behind them. And there's always an enemy behind it!

The levels are so lame, that an experienced action gamer always know from where in the next moment an enemy will appear. The bullet-time is a nice modi, but when you must use it every 15 sec´s it gets really boring.

Also is there no real physics. When you stand before a wall and shoot from a far distance you will see that the shot need several seconds to arrive at the wall (you can see that because of the little dust cloud). So it is almost impossible to shoot an enemy from far away.

There's no ego perspective! It is a little bit hard to aim from the third person perspective.

The Bottom Line

A game with a nice atmosphere but a lame gameplay. The developers thought that the revolutionary Bullet-time is enough for a good game, but it isn´t.

This game is a good example for a lame and dump shooter, lame like the people which don´t have the flair for a good game.