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Written by  :  Xoleras (66841)
Written on  :  Aug 17, 2005
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Unplayable... just unplayable!

The Good

Hm, let me think, well, the ability to customize the size of the playfield is a good thing.

Also are the options to experience the maze in 1st- or 3rd-person (while you play it always top-down) a good thing. In 1st-person, you explore the maze with every move you take, the same way as when you stand in a real maze - not knowing where to go. Or experiencing it in a bird's-eye-view, where you always see the entire maze.

You can even activate a trace route to see where you already were - that's one thing I definitely needed, as I always run the same ways over and over ;)

The Bad

The starting game speed is ridiculous. The moment you tip a cursor key, the moment you are dead, because the computer "run" (nearly with lightspeed) through the maze. Instead of seeing the red square, I practically saw a long red line...

But even when you set the speed to the lowest value, it is still way too fast to even reach the mid before the computer wins. Not to talk about the exploration mode, were I ended still at the start when the computer won. Grrr.

But what's really bad is that the game generates "dead ends" in exploration mode. You have a short explored area, like seen in this screenshot, and you try but all are solid walls. Now comes the computer from outside this area, but he has absolutely no problems running through the blocked field (which is actually open, but just bugged) and winning the game. Grrr.

I also wonder what the "Sounds" checkbox do, as I heard no sounds whether it is checked or not.

The Bottom Line


Even without this buggy part, playing real-time against the computer is a no-win-scenario.

If the game would be turn based or two player, it would at least be playable...