McPixel Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Press the button and see what happens.
Man menu
Overview of the free DLC that can be played.
Mess up the party.
Overview of the six scenes in a single level. The white ones where completed successfully. The game loops through the incomplete ones.
An engineer at the top of a building
Stage completed
Kicking someone in the groin is a common solution.
Will lighting the candle be enough?
The solution is quite simple here.
No queue for me, just a bucket of coffee.
Inside a submarine
Bashing a caveman over the head.
With a bomb and soldier inside a trench.
The submarine has blown up.
I think I broke his television.
A syringe, this should be fun.
Reading a note
Apparently this part is still locked.
Now he's on TV.
A tender office romance
Lifting the shirt of your own clone.
At a concert
A Nyan Cat tribute
Football game
A shower scene, get rid of the dynamite.
A zombie at the graveyard
Entering a C64-like console.
I have no idea what I'm doing in this bonus round.
Pissing on things is another common solution.
In the train of the third chapter.
There are also explosions on the moon.
Jungle and a washing machine
Inside a giant whale
A creeper from Minecraft
Try to blow up this monster.
Making out with Barack Obama (really).
The one on the right looks like Gordon Freeman