MDK (Windows)

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A cult-classic from the mid 90's. x0n1c64 (14) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Imaginative action-packed masterpiece Zovni (9332) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
Funny,original, epic & just plain awesome! BlackNightmare (258) 4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars
Like a beautiful painting, but with explosions cosmo ruski (45) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (66 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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PC Games (Germany)
Was hinter dem Titel MDK steht, spielt eigentlich keine Rolle: wichtig ist schließlich nur das Resultat! MDK hat die ohnehin schon sehr hohen Erwartungen übertroffen und eine neue Maßeinheit für Actionspiele geschaffen. Das exzellente Gameplay wird nur vom hohen Abwechslungsreichtum innerhalb der einzelne Levels in den Schatten gestellt, die wenigen Kritikpunkte nimmt man aufgrund der hohen Spielgeschwindigkeit nur auf dem zweiten Blick wahr.
OK PC Gamer
En vista de las excelentes características de MDK podemos augurar un gran éxito entre los miles de aficionados a los arcade 3D. MDK se convertirá sin lugar a dudas en todo un clásico de este género, un juego que te apasionará como pocos.
Gameplay (Benelux)
MDK is een zeer vernieuwend en origineel 3D spel met een prachtige grafische engine. De levels zijn spitsvondig opgebouwd en humor is overal aanwezig. Dit is een spel dat iedere speler - 3D fanaat of niet - zal aanspreken.
Coming Soon Magazine
Although MDK has often been called by the press "Murder, Death, Kill", there are no indications of what these three letters really stand for. The obvious choice would be "Max, Dr. Fluke and Kurt", the three protagonists of the game, but again, it could be anything else. Only Shiny Entertainment knows the answer, if there is an answer. One thing is certain though, you will read these three letters on players' lips for a while!
Electric Games
Overall, this is an excellent game, truly innovative, with beautiful graphics. The game contains only six levels, while huge, still make the game a bit short. No multiplayer is included, but that is probably just as well considering the linearity of the levels themselves. Bottom Line: Great game, highly innovative, especially in this day of 'me-too' 3D action games. This one is truly different, and in a good way. Levels are linear, but incredibly beautiful with awe-inspiring effects. Problem solving is a higher priority than killing. The graphics clip quite a bit, getting a bit confusing at times. Only six levels are included... huge, but only six. No multiplayer is available.
Game Revolution
For a game reviewer, the biggest reward is not monetary. The most satisfaction comes from seeing high quality stuff on the market. MDK combines sweet graphics (I'd recommend playing in the dark) and 'revolutionary' gameplay and design concepts to put it in a class by itself. Thank heavens someone decided to create something revolutionary rather than dupe others' successful ideas. Now stop reading and BUY THIS GAME!!
Power Play
Shinys erstes PC-Spiel deklassiert im Handstreich einen Großteil der 3D-Konkurrenz. Hier stimmt praktisch alles, von den intelligent designten Levels, die nie langweilig werden und ständig mit echten Überraschungen aufwarten, bis zu den liebevoll animierten Gegnern: Teilweise macht es mehr Spaß, die Blechkameraden bei ihrem Treiben zu beobachten, als sie dann mit leichtem Bedauern über den Jordan zu schicken. Obwohl es insgesamt recht witzig zugeht, lenken (fast) nie bemühte Gags vom eigentlichen Spiel ab. Ebenso brillant ausgedacht wie umgesetzt ist die Idee, dem Protagonisten ein zielgenaues Präzisionsgewehr in die Hand zu drücken: Dieser Einfall sorgt immer wieder für nervenzerfetzende Duelle aus der Distanz, ohne daß dem Actionspiel „MDK“ Tempo verlorengeht. Überrascht bin ich nur, daß ausgerechnet die „Earthworm Jim“-Macher die Steuerung bei den Sprungsequenzen nicht ganz perfekt hingekriegt haben: Wer Tomb Raider kennt, stürzt öfter leicht genervt in die Tiefe.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
MDK looks and plays like a great 3D game. It offers a change of pace away from today’s standard 3D games. With its unique sniping mode and large environments, MDK offers more depth than we have seen lately. The AI is very encouraging, taking a step into a more strategic environment. One of the few negative aspects that I found in the game was the inability to move around while in the sniper mode, which would be a really nice feature to have. The ability to play networked games is also missing in MDK, which is sure to make some of the more diehard 3D gamers unhappy. Even without some of these missed features, MDK is a game that any action gamer will love. With its cool sniper mode and unique enemy AI, there is still plenty of substance to keep everyone happy.
Bien que le jeu soit très linéaire et par moments vraiment difficile, le dynamisme et l'ambiance de MDK seront plus que suffisants pour vous amener jusqu'au bout de l'aventure sans jamais vous ennuyer. L'affrontement avec le boss de fin justifie à lui seul l'aventure. MDK a marqué son époque, et ce serait une erreur de ne pas lui donner sa chance aujourd'hui.
Ein Feuerwerk an Ideen mit grandioser Grafik und genialem Leveldesign. Nach dem Herbst-Schmankerl Tomb Raider und dem Winter-Hit Diablo ein weiteres originelles Spitzenspiel und wohl das Spiel dieses Frühjahrs. Hätte man sich mit der Speichermöglichkeit noch ein paar Gedanken mehr gemacht - nicht jederzeit, wie im angekündigten Patch, aber doch öfter als in der Verkaufsversion - wäre sogar eine 9,5 drin gewesen.
MDK jest super. Buduje fantastyczny, ostry klimat, który przyciąga gracza na długie godziny. Można mieć małe pretensje, że grą dość szybko odkrywa wszystkie swoje zalety. Podobny problem był w QUAKE: autorzy za wszelką cenę chcieli "zarządzić" i wszystkie bajery umieścili na początku gry. Chociaż bez przesady - pewne niespodzianki Cię czekają... Polecam - fajowa zabawa zapewniona. Nawet znane mi wapniaki rżnęły w MDK, aż miło było popatrzeć. Ta gra naprawdę potrafi wciągnąć. Na długo...
PC Zone
Anyway, all in all, it's certainly worthy of your attention. As far as action games go, it's no Quake or Carmageddon, but it is defiantly original - and, more important, it's damn good fun to play.
As far as I'm concerned, advances in technology - including game engines, graphics and stuff like that - are a given, and don't really impress me. The folks at Shiny could probably have made a fair amount of money on this title while taking longer lunches, scrimping on design, and contracting second rate music, but they didn't. They worked for a living, and it shows.
Computer Games Magazine
With MDK, Shiny has reinvigorated the genre, delivering a wholly original game that doesn't resemble any other one on the market. Compared to the average shooter, the lack of multiplayer negatively impacts replayability (something shared with Tomb Raider), but if you play games to play games, MDK is a killer single-player experience. Not to be missed.
Looking at MDK, it’s not difficult to see why Shiny Entertainment is considered one of the most accomplished development houses in the world. For a company that’s produced actually very little in terms of ground-breaking titles, its first foray into the notoriously over-subscribed PC market deserves to be a resounding success. Murder Death Kill (to give it its full, but unofficial, name) is addictive, imaginative and shines with the black humour that devotees of Earthworm Jim will already be familiar with.
MDK has to be the best 3-Dimensional adventure game to hit the video game et. It looks and feels you are actually in a 3D world. All the graphics run at 640x480 and feature motion captured animations. The use of the sniper mode is where the graphic detail shows up the best. The players ability to zoom onto a target is one of the coolest things that a 3D game has yet to offer.
PC Player (Germany)
Der ganze Rummel um MDK samt Ratespielchen bezüglich der Abkürtung hatte mich ziemlich mißtrauisch gemacht. Doch zwar Abwechslung rechtfertigt in diesem Fall das fertige Spiel die wichtigtuerische Werbung. Geboten wird zynisch-humorvolle 3D-Action der "Es fliegen die Fetzen"-Kategorie. Peinlich für das kürzlich erschienene Tomb Raider ist, daß MDK gar kein Action-Adventure sein will, meinem Gefühl nach aber deutlich mehr Puzzles pro Quadratkilometer bietet. Von der Gegenerfülle ganz zu schweigen...
Privat Computer PC
Når man får lappet spillet med patchen, bliver MDK ganske spilbart og har alle de ingredienser, der skal til for at skabe et hit. Så trods de slemme fejl er MDK et køb værd.
MDK is frequently fun, sometimes frustrating, full of surprises, and visually stunning. It's not going to inspire the next revolution in action gaming, but it is an enjoyable diversion.