Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Windows (UK) - replay re-release:
    • Choose from 24 different 'Mechs, including six new chassis.

    • Order the destruction of virtually any enemy 'Mech' or installation. Soften up your enemy's position with an artillery strike.

    • Repair and customize your 'Mechs'® to your own specifications. Then assign your pilots their 'Mechs' for each mission. Use any salvage from the last battle to upgrade your units and inventory for future use.

    • Play the original MechCommander missions or try 12 new missions on the planet Cermak.

    • New waypoint navigation system lets you position your MechWarriors with greater precision for a deeper sense of control.

    Contributed by Knyght (703) on Dec 15, 2005.