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Mech Commander: Gold Credits


ProducerMitch Gitelman
Lead DeveloperFrank Savage
Lead DesignerMichael Lee
Lead ArtistTom Burlington
Product PlannerJon B. Kimmich
Technical Art DirectorJamie Marshall
Composer/Sound DesignerDuane Decker
ProgrammingGlenn Doren, Heidi Gaertner, Jon Marcus, Frank Savage
DesignMitch Gitelman, John Whitmore, T. J. Wagner, Jordan Weisman, Michael Lee, Denny Thorley
Mission DesignDavid Abzug, Rob Nicholls, Joe Sislow, Michael Lee
Multiplayer Mission DesignDavid Abzug, Derek Carroll, Terry Cokenour, John Howard, E. J. Moreland (aka "Evil" John Moreland)
ArtVic Bonilla, Tom Burlington, Todd Labonte, Jamie Marshall, Lawrence Mast, Duane Molitor, Allen Nunis, Charles Oines, Steve Scott, Lex Story, Andrew Hura
Quality AssuranceMichael Horn, Michel Lowrance, Mark McNulty, Todd W. Squire, Harris Thurmond, T. J. Wagner
DocumentationVic Bonilla, Tom Burlington, Mark Duncan, Dana Fos, Mitch Gitelman, Chris Lassen, Daj Oberg, Heinz Schuller, Lex Story, Jordan Weisman
Special ThanksMorton Weisman, Bryan Nystul, and the entire staff of FASA Corporation, PaleRider, Mishima, and the Hardcorps Online

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