MechWarrior 3 (Windows)

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MechWarrior 3 Credits


Executive ProducerRob Sears
ProducerMichael Mancuso
Assistant ProducerMichael Bilodeau
Game DesignGraham Keys (Zipper Interactive), Michael Mancuso (Hasbro Interactive), Erol Otus (Hasbro Interactive), Rob Sears (Hasbro Interactive), George Sinfield (Zipper Interactive), Brian Soderberg (Zipper Interactive)

Story Development

Story LineLoren Coleman (Writer/Consultant), Tom Dowd (Microsoft), Michael Mancuso (Hasbro Interactive), Jordan Weisman (Microsoft)
Script WritingLoren Coleman (Writer/Consultant)
Additional Script WritingMichael Bilodeau (Hasbro Interactive), Scott Crisostomo (Hasbro Interactive), Michael Mancuso (Hasbro Interactive), Deborah McIntyre (Writer/Consultant), Rob Sears (Hasbro Interactive)

Game Development: Zipper Interactive

Project ManagementBrian Soderberg, Jim Bosler
Design LeadGeorge Sinfield
Art DirectorDaniel Dociu
SoftwareMichael Gutmann, Carl Christofferson, Rick Jarvis, Bob Gutmann, Mark Heinen, Gary Hinger, Brian Soderberg
Support SoftwareDavid Blevins (Blevins Enterprises), Michael Horn (Blevins Enterprises)
3D ArtistsScott Luse, Dan Henley, Doug Wilcox, Tom Sternberg
Additional ArtDavid Kern, Jay Banchero, Russell Phillips, Victor Von Beck, Brad Molsen
Design SupportGraham Keys
Business ManagementJim Bosler

CG Movie Development: Mondo Media

Art DirectionMark Giambruno
Cinematic DirectionEric Chadwick
Art Direction, InterstitialsPeter Herrmann
ProducerPhilo Northrup
Line ProducerLiz Stuart
ArtistsMarco Bertoldi, Aubrey Ankrum, Cody Chancellor, James Ellis, Robert Jeffrey, Michael D. Jones, Kelly Kleider, Kathryn Liu, Andrew Murdock, Sean Murphy, Leila Noorani, Eric Ronay, Ethan Summers, Katherine Wiemelt, Ryan Yoshimoto, Zenimation
Sound DesignerJim Lively
Production AssistantJonathan Smith

Audio Development: Hasbro Interactive

Project ManagementPaul Mogg
Lead Sound DesignerJ. White
Primary Sound Design, Effects & DialoguePaul Mogg, J. White
Additional Sound Design & EffectsDarren Lambourne, Mark Cromer
Game MusicDuane Decker (Microsoft), Paul Mogg (Hasbro Interactive)
Opening Movie MusicJohn Broomhall
Recording CastRenee Hewitt (Epona Rhi), Paul Mogg (Allen Matilla), Terence McGovern (Dominic Paine), Michael Mancuso (Intelligence Officer)
Additional Voice ActorsKay Bales, Tom Benkert, Jamie Berger, Kurt Bodden, Jeffrey Nicholas Brown, Alan Chreist, Walter Fields, Mark Insko, Tom Jermain, Conor Kellicutt, Peter Kepler, Fred Martin, Caitlin McClure, David McNeise, Patrice Michaels, Nancy Stone, Kimberley Mohne, Sean O'Kane, Andrew Rosenbach, Lara Wheless
Recording StudiosJ. Gardiner (Opening Move Mix Engineer - Pajama Sutdios - Oakland CA), Paula Telander (Coordinator), Kelly Peiko (Engineer), Greg Byrne (Manager - Music Annex - San Francisco - opening movie mix), Patrick Fitzgerald (Engineer)
Talent AgenciesCarrie Myers (Tonry Talent), Micth Miles (Stars - the Agency)

Quality Assurance: Hasbro Interactive

QA DirectorsMichael Craighead, Leon Horne
Test LeadScott Crisostomo (Hasbro Interactive)
Assistant Test LeadNels Nelson (Hasbro Interactive)
Primary QA - Hasbro Interactive/AlamedaColin Munson, Anthony Johnson, Steve Cohrs, Shawn Stone, Bill Schmidt, Robert Swain, Robert Ivey
Additional Hasbro Interactive QA SupportMatthew Bittman, Kurt Boutin, Eleanor Crawley, Michael Davidson, Mark Gutknecht, Jason Lego, Jacob Hopkins, Mark Huggins, Joe Lease, Randy Lee, Andy Mazurek, Dan McJilton, Salvatore Saccheri
Technical Support/BuildmasterHenry Wu

Publishing: Hasbro Interactive

Director of MarketingTom Nichols
Product Marketing ManagerPeter Matiss
Product DocumentationTom Dowd (Writer/Consultant), Marisa Ong (Manager/Editor), Louis Saekow Design - Layout
Product LocalizationSamantha Parker, Claude P. Esmein, Karen Ffinch, Viktorya Hollings, Vansouk Lianemany, Birgit Neuwald-Morton, Andrew Thomas
Internet Marketing ManagerCraig Bloem
Manager of Creative ServicesKathryn Lynch
Operations & Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Webster
Director of Public RelationsDana Henry
Public RelationsMatt Nowak (Account Associate - Agnew Carter & McCarthy)

Licensor: Microsoft

ThanksJordan Weisman, David McCoy, Denny Thorley, Jon B. Kimmich, Duane Molitor, Heinz Schuller, Lex Story, Tom Burlington, Kevin Loza, Duane Decker, David Berger, Jerry Edsall, J. M. Albertson, Andrew Glaister, James Theodore Reichert, Tom Dowd, Thomas Zuccotti, James Mayo, Earnest Yuen, Paul H. Gradwohl, Morton Weisman (special thanks), Bryan Nystul, and the entire staff of FASA Corporation

Special Thanks From the Project Team

ThanksThomas Dusenberry, Eugene Evans, Gilman Louie, Tony Parks, Sarah Perry, Denny Thorley, Jordan Weisman, Kelly Zmak, and to all of the wives, husbands, children and significant others who have helped sustain us through this enterprise with their support and patience - it could not have been done without you

Based on BattleTech

Created byFASA Corporation

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