Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4623)
Written on  :  Dec 16, 2000
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Bigger, but not that much better.

The Good

Good graphics, decent net connectivity, plenty of weapons and mechs, good briefing videos, good mech design interface, good missions (those that are there).

The Bad

Horrendous AI (you can snipe at enemy and they don't chase you). AI relies on triggers, so if you avoid the trigger, nothing happens. Horrendous interface to manage MFB inventory, nothing's sorted. Too few maps, too few missions (only 20). No mission editor, no mission saves. Inability to export/import the custom mech configs to share with others.

The Bottom Line

MW3 is better than Mechwarrior 2, but it's merely an evolutionary step forward. The story is less grand (you're just a grunt raiding the Clans), and game mechanics are nearly identical. The ability to gain salvage is fine, but the interface to manage the salvage is horrendous. The rest of the game is filled with "could have been better" things like that. If they had just spent a bit more time on it... It's worth playing, sure, but it could have been much better.