Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4623)
Written on  :  Dec 07, 2001

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Not bad for an expansion pack, but not much new either

The Good

New mechs, new weapons, all the "bug fixes" and interface improvements, a decent new campaign with new maps and new game modes, black market mode

The Bad

Nothing really new, no cinematics this time around, still mainly "kill everything" missions and escort missions and not much else

The Bottom Line

Black Knight is about as expansion pack as you can get... Cyberlore is best known for expansion packs (for all sorts of games), and you can't really fault them for the new content. A new campaign, new mechs, new weapons, new game modes, new maps, new terrain... Even display "bug" that MW4 players have complained bitterly have been addressed. Everybody gets something.

On the other hand, the expansion pack doesn't add much new to the equation. The new weapons were more like missing weapons now found. New mechs are nice but not that special. The Black Market mode in fact makes the game easy even at tougher levels by making good mechs available earlier and better weapons available sooner. New game modes aren't that special... New terrain and new maps are just... interesting.

I am still waiting for someone to create a true server campaign-like environment for MW3 or MW4, but no one has done so yet.

All in all, Black Knight is a very average product. Most of the shortcomings in MW4 was fixed, and you get quite a bit of new things. On the other hand, it also adds nothing really new. If you own MW4, get Black Knight and have a better time. Those who don't like Mechs won't be swayed by this title.