Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Hints (Windows)

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Console Commands for MOHAAContributed by Entorphane (375) on Feb 02, 2002.

To enable console command cheats, you must first create a new shortcut to the game. Edit the properties of the shortcut and add the following to the 'target' line, after the end quote and one space:

+set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

Now after loading a saved game you should be able to access the console by pressing the tilde key (~). Type in the following commands to gain the desired result.

dog - God mode
wuss - all weapons
fullheal - restores health
kill - commit suicide
noclip - walk through walls
notarget - removes the targeting reticle
listinventory - lists the players inventory (surprise)
toggle_cg_3rd_person - toggles 3rd person perspective
coord - displays current location
tele x y z - transports player to specified location 'x y z'
give weapon weapons/"name".tik - give player weapon where "name" is one of the following:

Weapon names:

colt45 - Colt 45 pistol
p38 - Walther P38 pistol
m1_garand - M1 Garand rifle
kar98 - Mauser KAR 98K Rifle
springfield - Springfield '03 Sniper rifle
kar98sniper - KAR98 German sniper rifle
thompsonsmg - Thompson Sub Machine Gun
mp40 - MP40 German Sub Machine Gun
bar - Browning Automatic Rifle
mp44 - Stg44 German Machine Gun
shotgun - Shotgun
bazooka - Bazooka
panzerschreck - Panzerschreck
m2frag_grenade - Allied fragmentation grenade
stielhandgranate - German 'potato masher' grenade

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