Written by  :  F R (2)
Written on  :  Jan 08, 2005
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Excellent, intense 3D shooter with historic storyline!

The Good

Pacific Assault is a huge, graphic intense PC game with excellent single player mode & multi-player mode! The single player missions are more than imaginable and the multi-play (invader) mode is probably the most creative on-line mode since it really requires team work to complete the assigned objective! The CD version (4 Cds) can be a hassle, i would pay the extra $10 and aquire the single DVD version. The DVD version does have a few more features...

The Bad

The min specs on the box are completely false, this game requires a very fast CPU and the most recent available video card! The planned purchaser should visit the EA Pacific Assault forum to get a better overall understanding; tech issues, game play etc... Although, a lower end CPU & video card would probably work, the settings would have to be reduced making the overall gaming experience less entertaining!

The Bottom Line

Pacific Assault is similar to MOH, COD & Battlefield, but with the addition of a new gaming engine of huge graphical content! Furthermore, it is a very interesting and fun PC game to play!