Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (Director's Edition DVD) (Windows)

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (Director's Edition DVD) Screenshots

Windows version

You can aim with every weapon
Shooting some hostile planes
Japanese soldiers attack!
You will often fight at the beach...
...or in jungle
A mission at night
At the boot camp you learn how to play the game
"Did I hear something?"
Fighting in a cave
Some kind of "japanese D-Day"
In "Pacific Assault" you fight air battles... can even fly your own plane!
Shooting japanese air planes at Pearl Harbor
You won't find medikits in "Pacific Assault", only the medic will cure your wounds
This time the game has some kind of story
An allied air field
Shooting range at the boot camp level
The sniper rifle is very useful
One less japanese tank on this world
A torpedo launched from the player's plane
Fire fights at the trenches