Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (Windows)

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Screenshots

Windows version

"Conlin! Man that 50 caliber gun!"
A "flashback" to the days of your training.
...where the definitive drill sergeant goes through the standard initiation of the rookies.
The training/tutorial is about to begin.
"Whack the hell outta that thing, maggot!"
"Well, the maggot can actually shoot!!"
Aiming without the sniper rifle.
Training is never like the real thing, however...
The Japanese withdraw. If only the entire game was as impressive as Pearl Harbor...
However, the war takes us to the jungle, where every step might be your last.
Fortunately, those stars help you locate your squad fellows in the dark.
Squad orders are represented via symbols on the upper right corner.
This jungle never seems to end...