Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Choosing game difficulty
Intro - hell is about to break loose
Some kind of "japanese D-Day"
"Conlin! Man that 50 caliber gun!"
A "flashback" to the days of your training.
...where the definitive drill sergeant goes through the standard initiation of the rookies.
The training/tutorial is about to begin.
"Whack the hell outta that thing, maggot!"
At the boot camp you learn how to play the game
Shooting range at the boot camp level
"Well, the maggot can actually shoot!!"
Aiming without the sniper rifle.
Peaceful Pearl Harbor, and note a pop-up history fact at the top of the screen. These can be toggled in game's menu
Water effects are impressive for a 2004 game
Squeezing between collapsing ships in a cinematic manner
Shooting japanese air planes at Pearl Harbor
Fire and smoke effects
Training is never like the real thing, however...
The Japanese withdraw. If only the entire game was as impressive as Pearl Harbor...
A mission at night
However, the war takes us to the jungle, where every step might be your last.
Squad orders are represented via symbols on the upper right corner.
Fortunately, those stars help you locate your squad fellows in the dark.
This jungle never seems to end...
As the game progresses, more images are added to the board
Short documentary is shown between the missions
You will often fight at the beach...
...or in jungle
The sniper rifle is very useful
You won't find medikits in "Pacific Assault", only the medic will cure your wounds
"Did I hear something?"
Japanese soldiers attack!
An allied air field
Shooting some hostile planes
You can aim with every weapon
You've got binoculars, rarely used in single-player campaign
Shooting a machine gun for several seconds straight will trigger motion blur
This time the game has some kind of story
Fire fights at the trenches
Fighting in a cave
There are hidden objectives in the game. Here I completed one of these - rescued some POWs
One less japanese tank on this world
In "Pacific Assault" you fight air battles... can even fly your own plane!
A torpedo launched from the player's plane
There are a lot of (perhaps, too many) desperate situations in the game, for example, this banzai attack
The game tracks the player's statistics
You can receive medals and also obtain special objects as 'Hero moments' (by completing secret objectives)