Mega Man X4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Player Select
Level Selection Screen (Mega Man X)
Level Selection Screen (Zero)
Item screen for X
X charges up his weapon- Rising Fire- and kills an enemy
Zero in a Flying Machine.
Zero battles a boss- Storm Owl
Zero learns new skill after killing Storm Owl
Dr White tells X to enter the Capsule for the Ultimate Armor..
X uses Twin Slasher
X fires Lightning web
X uses Frost Tower
X targets an enemy with Aiming Laser
X uses Double Cyclone
X charges up Ground Hunter... Powerful, eh?
X fires his charged Plasma X Buster
X activates Nova Strike... the best attack ever. Oh! He hits the enemy too!
X defeats General
X attacks Hooded Sigma
An exciting battle between X and Humanoid Sigma
X battles 2 headed Sigma...
I told you there were 2 Sigmas... Here's the second one being hit by X!