Mega Pinball (Windows)

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Written by  :  piltdown_man (145832)
Written on  :  Dec 19, 2016
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The Good

What did I like about this game? Well, truth be told - not a lot. It looks OK, it installed cleanly and it was cheap. The best I can say about this game is that it was OK in places.

The Bad

However there were lots of things I didn't like. There's no in-game music at all which is disappointing but what really annoyed me is that the game makes use of some really annoying sound effects. You know the cheesy 'booiinngg' sound you get in cartoons whenever a spring is used - that's what the game uses when a ball hits the lower bumpers. There were others but it used a cuckoo clock sound whenever a ball is lost - need I say more.

Annoying sounds can be turned off, what really makes a pinball game are the tables themselves. I played Dragon Slayer first, that's the only table that is named in-game, and my first ball got stuck in the bumpers at the top of the screen so I had to abandon the game. I'm pretty certain that's never happened to me in any other pinball game I've ever played and I've played a few 'coz I'm really old.
The next table I played was the yellow one, I think it's Monster's Rhapsody, and that played just fine apart from the annoying sound effects. The final table was the pink one which I think is Crystal Tower. That was a real disappointment because there was no way I could give the ball enough energy to leave the launch chute and get on to the table. I tried a dozen or more times on two different machines, using various compatibility modes and all the tricks I could think of. Nothing.
So of the three tables I can play two, one of which has issues, and neither was very exciting.

Finally, I ran it under WIN 7 to try and play the third table, it played but locked up my machine on exit. That was the last straw. This game is history

The Bottom Line

This is a fairly old game, 2000, but that's no excuse. There are better pinball games out there, find one and avoid this.