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Men of War: Assault Squad (Windows)

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Men of War: Assault Squad Credits

Digitalmindsoft (

Managing DirectorChristian Kramer
Project LeadChristian Kramer
Gamedesign LeadChristian Kramer
GamedesignDmitriy Sovyak
ProgrammingColin Pyle
Shader ProgrammingMatthias Huerbe
2D and 3D ArtAnton Gulega, Matthias Huerbe, Ben Wilson, Aleksandar Cokorilo, Michael Stenzel, Vladimir Skripnikov
Lead Map DesignChristian Kramer
Map DesignMartin Kihl, Aleksandar Cokorilo, Juan Francisco Miralles Tora, Marcus Barnes, Vasily Galynskiy
Community ManagementMarcus Barnes
Web DevelopmentChristian van de Velde
Promotional VideosAnguel Delldjakov, Nicolas Mucci
SoundDynamedion, Loran Kornis
QANicolas Mucci, Jim Nordbo, Orjan Opsahl, Jan Westhues, Christian van de Velde, Alexander Orehov, Alexey Bulavtsev, Ivan Shikunov, Dmitry Vozdvizhensky, Mikhail Kharsoon, Maxim Kumaneev, Alexandr Malev, Sergey Zavernin, Patrick Levanti, Laurent Faissat, Lionel Royo, Olivier Gabelli, Perrine Morgenthaler, Franck Guillin, Adrien Galmant, Ulrich Girard, Damien Hommais, Hugues Boulanger, all DMS supporters!
EscpeciallyBrian Reisdorf, James Faralli, Jani Neuvonen, Joe Peacock, Alexandru-Sebastian Biedea, Anthony Lamb, Thomas Murtaugh, Alex Weiss (Wolfie)
Special Thanks to Our supporters; our friends and our families!

Best Way (

Bes on 'Men of War' developed byBest Way
Special Thanks toMaxim A. Kamensky, Vladimir Suhorukov, Yuliya Romanova

1C Company (

ProducerSergey Gerasev
Localization ManagerOleg Mironov
Localization AssistantIrina Dancheeva
PRAnatoliy Subbotin, Felix Yakovlev, Nikita Putilin, Anna Sheglova, Andrey Dineev
Special Thanks toNikolay Barishnikov, Dmitry Martynov
Voice ActorsMatt Nichol, Jonathan Guss, Matt Hermann
1C UKDarryl Still, Peter King

Development Tools

This product contains software technology licensed from (C) 1999-2011GameSpy Industries Inc.
Miles Sound System Copyright (C) 1991-2011RAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 playback fromRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 audio compression technology licensed byFraunhofer IIS, THOMSON multimedia
GJK Engine A Fast and Robust GJK Implementation Copyright (C) 1998Gino van den Bergen
This software uses multi-body package byEugene Laplev (Oxford Dynamics; [email protected];

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