Messiah Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Welcome indeed
A weapon dispenser with a familiar name...
Sneak up. Quiet now.
Are they looking for me?
More sneaking
Urrr, she's sleeping
thats me looking dazed
just hanging around
poof, i shouldnt eat so many beans
guards to get rid of
in possession of a giant
Even your sex is important. This female dancer has no access to the mens bathroom
The game is full of misanthropy and some scenes remind of Postal 2
There are some puzzles that involve NPCs suffering and dying
Jasper Kyd (composer of the music of Hitman and Messiah) owns a night club in the game
Most of the time you exploit other people’s bodies, using them as camouflage and armor
If you possess a Commander, Cops will obey you. Unfortunately, you can't give them orders
In the game you can see working machines and people, doing their job
Bob is fragile and defenseless when he is not possessing our bodies.
A prostitute and a dweller. They think Bob is a harmless mutant kid. They are wrong.
This tired prostitute is watching TV.
In a prostitute's body, you can passionately kiss people... no matter what their gender.