Metal Gear Solid Credits


Acting / VoiceoversWilliam H. Basset (as Jim Houseman), Greg Eagles (as Grey Fox/Donald Anderson), Renée Raudman (as Nastasha Romanenko), Peter Lurie (as Vulcan Raven/ Genome Soldier B), Cam Clarke (as Liquid Snake/McDonald Miller), Christopher Randolph (as Hal Emmerich), David Hayter (as Solid Snake), Patric Zimmerman (as Revolver Ocelot), Jennifer Hale (as Naomi Hunter), Tasia Valenza (as Sniper Wolf), Kim Mai Guest (as Mei Ling), Paul Eiding (as Roy Campbell), Allan Lurie (as Kenneth Baker), Doug Stone (as Psycho Mantis/Genome Soldier A), Debi Mae West (as Meryl Silverburgh)

Digital Dialect

ProducerMichael Case
Sound ProgrammingMichael Case
Main PSX Conversion ProgrammingDimiter Stanev
Main PC Specific ProgrammingDmitry Belay
PSX Graphics Emulation ProgrammingEduard Sereda

German Voice Actors

Acting / VoiceoversStefan Grothgar (Solid Snake), Michael Hülsmann (Liquid Snake), Britta Gartner (Meryl Silverburgh), Nichola Tomasoni (Naomi Hunter), Erich Redmann (Hal Emmerich), Michael Mellinger (Roy Campbell), Nicole Kehrberger (Mei Ling), Sebastian Michel (Ninja; Genome Soldier A), Brigit Kahn (Natasha Romanenko), Werner Kastor (Vulcan Raven), Stefan Boje (Psycho Mantis), Peter Zander (Sniper Wolf; Kenneth Baker), Wolf Kähler (Revolver Ocelot; Jim Houseman), Hans-Joachim Amann (Genome Soldier B)

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