Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20754)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2006
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Someone needs to be shot, strung-up and run over by a buick...

The Good

Metalheart: Replicants Rampage is a Fallout clone, which unfortunately for the unwary gamer who plays this game, only too late finds out that it duplicates everything except the good stuff of Fallout. Seriously.

Anyways, the good stuff of this game are at a minimal. The introduction cutscene was very good graphically. The girl hero is quite cute (her picture anyways).

And from a programming point of view, the programmer made it quite friendly that you can see the loading percentage when entering a loading screen per new area. That about cover's it.

The Bad

I don't think I've ever been personally insulted by the game. I don't know about you but there's one thing I found very offensive about this game.

The game hasn't even begun yet (intro, after cutscene) and the your main hero says F U C K 3 times already in his dialog. I don't know about you, but I've never come across with a game which such low regard for using profanity. Yeah, we use such words in day-to-day conversation, but I resent using inappropriate use of profanity in games.

That alone starts to give a bad description (or lack of) vision the developers of this game has.


As I said, the game mainly mimics Fallout. Unfortunately, they failed big-time in copying the finer arts of the 3 most important elements of Fallout.

Character Development
Well, there isn't any perks. The character development was alright, but somewhat boring. Lot of numbers, leveling up felt more like an accounting program than your standard anticipation you have when you gain new levels.

Alright, but failed big time after you've obtained a certain weapon. The game introduces you with the best killing machine weaponry too early in the game. After I bought this long-ranged rifle type weapon (really long ranged), you can basically kill anything without much effort. That alone means, boring combat eventually.

Well the thought of random quests are nice, but it back-fired in this game. They made a lame excuse for mini-quests where you just retrieve items (and similar variations) and return them for a reward (other variations are killing certain people, etc.). Which is fine, but lame and boring which unfortunately owes thanks to the background graphics of the game. Explained later.

Overall graphics were fine. It's the background graphics that were terrible. The background graphics (buildings) were very much detailed, unfortunately a little too detailed that it's very hard to land mark where you are since all the dang buildings look the dang same. This is extremely irritating when completing sub-missions, where they provide you with a photograph (a nice feature though) on where the mission is located. Since most of the buildings and backgrounds look all alike, I doubt even the developers could tell the difference.

Acting, Story and Voice-over
Indeed, one of the worst aspects of the game. So bad that you'd wish you were deaf AND blind. Voice-overs were terrible in this game. Your co-hero, a female, although graphically beautiful, sounds like some girl wasted low-IQ drunk you find at an American sub-urban pub. Well, when you hear her talk for awhile, you'll catch my drift.

Most of the dialogs were low-IQ, lacked vision type of dialogs. Something you'd expect from Highschool brats with puberty issues. Not something you'd expect from RPG games in the 21st century...or any century come to think of it.


Another very irritating feature in this game, is that it introduces "stamina" of your characters. Which is fine, but since you have to run everywhere around the map, when your stamina is 0, you have to rest several minutes for you to be able to run again. This in the long run became very irritating since it hampers gameplay big time. It becomes even more irritating when you get a new character (a cyborg) who has a bad leg, thus runs slowly and easily gets tired. Even after upgrading the idiot with a new leg, he still is slow. I don't think I've ever quited a game before because the characters can't run. Then again, considering the game is very much stupid, quitting the game for a stupid reason makes sense.

I'd like to insult the game more, but that would mean I would have to play it some more too... :p

The Bottom Line

A STRONGLY urge you not to go near this one. This has got to be one of the WORST games this year.