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Main menu.
The Red Texas Four
Chapter 1 of 4
Here's your first car in the first town.
Shopping for weapons.
At the job board you'll get to hear about rumors and get errands to run.
Here's a shop where you can get a new car or get yours fixed.
Here's trade shop.
Going to the railway on the game map.
Blew up a bandit.
Now it's time for taking all his stuff.
Using a machine gun out of a faster new car.
Driving to the Aztec ruins to rescue a bride from marrying a gang member.
Waiting for a gang member at the ruins.
Leveling up. What to do, what to do?
Driving a DeLorean clone at the drive-in theatre.
My new pick-up truck can be armed to the teeth and has tons of room for cargo. Fighting at a football field.
Shooting a rocket on the train tracks.
My own car is the best.
Trying to find the boss at the abandoned military base.
I did what? to whom??
You think you have won?
Story is told with fading in pictures
It is not fair
Empty "town"
"brutal" intro
Map - Here the player spends most of the time , search the enemy
2 enemies to kill.
Another car wreck
story from intro
Looking for a job? Find it here.
C. Juarez.
Smoking car. 50% or more damaged.
nice scene.