Michael Vaughan's Championship Cricket Manager Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Match Screen
The game loads to this menu
There are two main modes of play, a long campaign and a quick fix. Bit like a test match series and a one day event
In career mode there are loads of teams to choose from but, for me, there's no finer team than Yorkshire (unless it's Australia).
When a team has been chosen the manager's first told how much the subscriptions raised this year. Then there's requests from other teams to buy players
This is the main screen. The date in the top right as this changes when the manager presses 'C' to continue. All labels have an underlined letter, enabling the game to be played via the keyboard
From the main menu this is the current squad. There's a couple of England players here.
From the Squad/Roster screen the manager can access all the upcoming fixtures. The home matches are in yellow
From the Squad screen the manager can access First Class & One Day stats. Nothing present yet as no games have been played
Also from the Squad screen the manager can access the Finance information. The entire team's wages are less than a premier league footballers!
Finally from the Squad screen there's the Ground information. Here there is the board's opinion. We've got high ratings and they're only 'satisfied'. It's tough to please Yorkshire folk.
From the main menu the Leagues tab can be used to view every match in all divisions
From the main menu the Calendar option shows who's playing when
The News option lists all results from matches played around the world
The World Of Cricket option allows the player to track progress of any team, any league, anywhere
A result made available via the World Of Cricket option. It's just as easy to see who's in the West Indian squad or look into a foreign domestic league
Using the Other Teams option from the main menu allows the manager to size up their next opponent
The player Search function is used when looking to strengthen the squad. The list of players is enormous!
As the manager advances through the game by pressing 'Continue' on the main menu they get results from other matches. These can be saved.
It's the day of the first match. Yorkshire's won the toss. The ground conditions, shown by the three icons in the mid-upper right, indicate it's cloudy and not ideal for batting. Yorkshire to bowl.
This is the team selection screen. The manager can hand pick players or use the 'Best 11' option
There are the teams as they line up to do battle
This is the match management screen where tactics are decided and players are selected
Yorkshire is bowling so the first job is to select the bowlers. Bowlers can be changed during a match either because they're not doing well or to rest them.
Setting bowling tactics. It's a cloudy day so aggressive tactics may pay off
Changing the game's speed is useful as it means the manager can adjust tactics on a ball by ball basis. Here the faster over by over option has been chosen.
This is the main managerial view of the match. Leicester have scored three from the first over and the red circles show what was scored from each ball.
The first wicket is taken and quite cheaply too!
Bowlers can only bowl so many overs before they must be changed.
Yorkshire are batting. This is another view the manager can use during the game, it shows the opposing team's bowling stats.
Of course there are graphs. In a management game there's always graphs
This is the 'Select batsman' screen. Another of Yorkshire's finest has fallen
The closing stages of the match. In the top right the game gives the target number of runs needed for a win and the number of balls still to be played.
It's not very exciting for all the effort but this is what good looks like in the cricketing world.
There's a host of post match stats available
Yorkshire now top the league, back where they belong
There's yet more stats available as the national and international players' tables have been updated