Micro Commandos Credits (Windows)

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Micro Commandos Credits


MontecristoJean-Marc de Féty, Jean-Christophe Marquis
Project HeadFrançois Potentier
Lead of Graphic designSébastien Guilbert
Graphic designersArnaud Barbier, Marc Beaujeau
Lead developerGuillaume Gernez
DevelopersOlivier Pomarez, Nicolas Sérouart
Additionnal DeveloperMartin Milenkovic
ScriptwriterMathieu Caramella
Level DesignersMatthieu Crépaux, Mathieu Caramella
Lead TesterStéphane Versini
Core Technology TeamPatrick Marchal, Bertrand Carré, Vincent Duvernet, Philippe Villain, Hervé Denis
Marketing and Sales TeamJames Rebours, Claire de La Ruelle, Virginie Dausse, Stéphanie Grasset, Julia Legner, James Glover, Alain André, Jérôme Duffau, Anna Herslow, Matthew Edwards
Music and Sound EffectsInnerWaves

Strategy First

Executive ProducerAdam Phillips
ProducerNabil Yared
Product ManagerProkopios Sotos
Director of Marketing Steven Milburn
Director of CommunicationsChristina Ginger
Packaging and DesignPhilippe Brindamour, Julie Binette, Anne Lalonde
Web DesignHugo Trépanier, Serge Mongeau
PR AssociateKelly Ekins
Marketing AssociateRaluca State
Marketing AssistantRyan Bastien
Quality Assurance ManagerPhilip DeRosa
Lead TesterSylvain Schmidt
TeamMichel Chouinard, Yan Favreau Lippé, Ludovic Pinard, Éric Tougas
Customer SupportDanny Kodais, Emanuel Wall
PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V. P. Brian Clarke
V. P. SystemsDave Hill
V. P. Product development Charles J. Kroegel Jr.
V. P. FinanceSonia Langlois
V. P. Creative DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V. P. AcquisitionsSteve Wall
Director of Product DevelopmentJamie McNeely

Distribution Infogrames Inc.

Senior V. P. Wim Stocks
V. P. Third Party/Value/AffiliatesEzra Chen
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
Product Line LiaisonBrian McCeary

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stillman (7619)